Saturday , September 18 2021

AX Armani Stock Exchange Olympia presented by Bernan won the sixth UEFA Euroleague victory

The sixth win of this season at the ULEB basketball tournament in Euroleague was the team of Milan Ax Armani Stock Exchange Olympiyas, represented by the Latvian Daira Bertana, who arrived in Spain at 93:90 (27:26, 20:17, 26:25, 20:22 ) club "Kirolbet Baskonia".

Bertan spent 21 minutes and 32 seconds in the match, which scored three points. He threw one of two triads, and noticed with one ball to return, two prince bots, one intercept ball, three notes and two provocative rules of the rules.

Basketball player Ax Armani Stock Exchange Olympia managed almost all the time. In the end, "Kirolbet Baskonia" again hit its intrigue, but the Milan unit managed to preserve the victory.

Milan's 22-point winner was Vladimir Michovich, while in "Kirolbet Bascania", Metz Jennings and Vincent Puerge scored 18 points, which also won ten rebounds.

Meanwhile, another Wednesday in ULEB's Euroleague series, five wins in this tournament broke out for the Spanish team represented by Roland Schmid Barcelona Lhasa, who traveled with 70:76 (10:13, 15:21, 25:21, 20: 21), caught up with Athena's club "Panathinaikos Opp".

Schmitz spent four minutes and 11 seconds in the match, for which time there were no points, because both double points and the only distance were missed. Also in the account in Latvia there is one bird, one bug and one note.

The best result of the Athens squad with 14 points was Dasson Thomas, while Lassa scored 17 points in Kels Kursk.

The eighth victory in the eight tournament matches on Wednesday won the CSKA Moscow Grand Prix, which in continuation of 99:97 (16:18, 21:20, 22:22, 27:26, 13:11) attempted to beat the Lithuanian flag "Zhalgaris" in Kaunas "

The victory of the Moscow club was secured by Villa Klajberna's two fined penalties for 17 seconds before the end of the promotion, allowing 99:97.

In favor of CSKA, Sergio Rodriguez was dropped 24 points, but Cori Higgins was one in less, while Cliburn added 15 points and 13 rebounds. In return, in the "Zalgiris" unit 19 points for the former legend "WEF Riga" Antanas Kavalauskas.

Finally, at the second victory of the tournament, another Russian team "Khimki" in the Moscow region came to Montenegro's "Buducnost VLI" in front of the audience in 85:69 (18:17, 27:13, 20:24, 20 : 15).

Alexey Swedsky, leader of "Khimki", scored 22 points, won seven rebounds and made seven good steps.

Real Madrid and CSKA are equal in the overall ranking of eight wins. Ax Armani, Stockholm, Olympias, with six successes, is fifth, while Lasa with four wins is a smaller place.

Meanwhile, Jonah Tamma and Jane Strelnik, Piraeus "Olympiakos", won four wins, winning eighth. In contrast, the Herbalife of Gran Canaria on Angie Pasecnica has 13 places with two victories, while Istanbul's Darishphax Thiefen, where Jannis Peiner plays, scored one success, taking the last place in a 16-point competition.

ULEB Eirroliga this season, as in previous seasons, has 16 teams, which will run two rounds of the tournaments, and the top eight will be in elimination games.

In the previous season, ULEB champion in Euroleague became Real Madrid, winning Fenerbahce Dogush in the finals with 85:80, while third in the Lithuanian basketball player Kaunas Zhalgiris.

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