Sunday , October 24 2021

Are you leaving home? Tips for safe home tasks – TRADE INFORMATION


thefts: Data from surveys carried out by Gjensidige Latvia in 2017 show that the population is most concerned about home security against theft. To avoid them, it is advisable to choose safe, high quality locks, as well as additional security elements – window films for doors and windows. It is advisable to set an alarm to be triggered each time the house is abandoned, but for larger properties, even at night, when the hosts are going to rest. Machines that can be installed manually and track the home situation are also popular and easy to use. The trivia, but also informational signs on the windows and doors of the building, which indicate that the house or flat is guarded, often prevents the thief from continuing.

Note! When buying property insurance, it is prudent to choose insurance for all properties that, in the event of theft, compensate for the loss of the stolen property.

Flood: One of the most common threats to housing security, which often does not depend on the activities of the apartment owner and which is difficult to predict, is flooding the apartment. This is due to an outdated or damaged water source in your home or apartment, as well as a heating system and weather conditions such as frost. It is important to detect the flood as soon as possible, because moisture can cause serious damage to the interior decoration and existing objects, and cause a short circuit if water gets into the sockets or the electrical devices are on.

Note! When living in a multi-family building and acquiring property insurance, make sure that the insurance also covers civil liability, so that in the case of damage to neighboring properties, losses are not covered by your own funds.

Fire safety: An accident after a fire is one of the most destructive dangers related to housing security, which should be subject to tremendous responsibility. A fire can occur for a variety of reasons – most often from the spread of fire or damage to electrical installations. It is important to always check all electrical appliances – irons, electric cookers, hair straighteners and do not open fire – candles, gas stoves, scents, cigarettes and other fire-fighting items – when going outside. However, if the disaster has stopped, it is important to know about it at the right time – the building recommends installing a smoke detector that will inform the security company or homeowner about the fact of concealment and will allow immediate action in case of activation.

Note! It is recommended to purchase a risk-free policy with technical assistance – Maxi masters who will help in case of breaking the lock or blocking the door, accident in the water pipe, drainage system or heating, window was ejected, damage to the electrical system or the building caused natural damage and other unpleasant conditions in home situations.

The safety of your own home is the individual responsibility of each person, so the more careful we are, the less likely it is that disaster will occur, which will make us feel calmer when we are away from home. Life can not be predicted, so property insurance provides financial security and lets you worry about things that we can not influence.

In three quarters of this year, Gjensidige Latvia paid EUR 1.28 million in non-life insurance, an increase of EUR 219 829 compared to the same period last year.

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