Saturday , January 16 2021

An art exhibition dedicated to pseudoscience will be opened in the premises of the Academy of Sciences

A special art event “Pseudoscience Conference” will be opened on November 10 in the exhibition hall on the second floor of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, where 10 works of art dedicated to pseudoscience will be offered.

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As informed by the “Delphi” portal, the organizers of the exhibition “Art needs space” “Conference” is divided into five thematic blocks, with a total of ten artists participating in the conference, who seek references to pseudo-theory in their works of art.

Artist Baiba Baiba will perform in tandem with Anna Malicka, Katrina Neiburgs and Esther Grevere, Chris Salmanis with Golf Clayderman, Ivars Grvelis and Janis Anneiders, while the pseudo-scientific theory of Michelis Fiers

The conference, which is divided into five thematic blocks, brings together five well-known and respected artists, as well as five young artists, to promote collaboration and exchange of experiences between artists from different generations. In these pairs, the senior artist will offer the younger ones to interpret an existing work of art, finding and “pulling” a new pseudo-scientific theory in it, the theories will be presented at the conference through the works of the exhibition.

The topics discussed at the conference are not revealed in advance, maintaining the conspiratorial atmosphere embodied by the terrifying charm of pseudoscience, write the organizers of the event.

Luжеe Rukane, curator of the art event, warns: “If you are told at the entrance to the Academy of Sciences that there is no such exhibition hall on the second floor – do not believe it! In such situations, find a python, wake it up and then slide.”

The exhibition will be open in November and December 2020 in the exhibition hall on the 2nd floor of the Latvian Academy of Sciences every working day from 08:30 to 17:00, while the opening ceremony of the conference will be held on November 10 from 17 : 00 – 19:30.

The group’s exhibition is organized by the “Art Needs Space” Foundation. Interpretation as a communication tool for the visual arts has always been the focus of the Space Arts Foundation. Through this interpretive approach, the curator aims to offer an art event that encourages its visitors to think about the authenticity or absurdity of the information offered, the scientific methods and their meanings, the existence of objective truth, false news and the difference between reliable or unreliable sources of information. For this reason, the Latvian Academy of Sciences has been conceptually selected as the venue for the exhibition.

You can follow the news and get an idea of ​​what is coming to the account of “Pseudo-Science” “Instagram”

The architect of the exhibition is Pauls Rietums, the graphic design was taken care of by Linda Wissomsone, while the technical solutions for the exhibition were created by Horen Stalbe.

To avoid overcrowding, organizers require visitors to keep a distance of two meters, disinfect their hands and wear face masks indoors. Before visiting the exhibition, everyone is invited to get acquainted with the current information and restrictions of Covid-19

The Latvian Academy of Sciences is located at 1 Akadmijas Street, Riga.

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