Monday , June 14 2021

A former football star in England is suspected of sexual harassment

Photos of Reuters / Lee Smith

According to the British police, former star of England, Paul Gascoin, is currently suspected of sexual harassment.

Gascoin, who finished 57 appearances in the years 1988-1998 in the English team, scoring ten goals, was taken over by a woman on a train from York to Durham. The incident took place on August 20 this year.

A former footballer who became a star when he came to England in the FIFA World Cup semi-finals 1990, after his career he became addicted to alcohol, which resulted in several occasions to draw the attention of the authorities.

In the face of the law, Gascoin also included sentences in the form of penalties for robbery, drinking in a public place, provoking riots and racist remarks.

Before the Tribunal, due to sexual harassment, coal will have to appear on December 11 this year.

As you know, a similar but more serious scandal this summer included the Turin Juventus and the Portuguese star Cristian Ronald who cooled the woman in the night club in Las Vegas in 2009, and then her silent treatise.

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