Thursday , September 24 2020

[YTN기상센터]Across the country, the rain is coming …


Today, the day before Cat, there is a lot of rain in the country.

There may be a chance of first snow at night when temperatures drop.

It will start in the Midwest, including Seoul around noon, and by the end of the day it will spread to most of the rest of the country.

The expected amount of rain is 5 ~ 30mm and will be accompanied by lightning and hail.

Especially at night, as temperatures drop, there may be light snow or weak snow in the central and parts of the board.

In the Gangwon mountain areas, the snow will fall about 1 cm.

Cold winds will blow by day, and temperatures will drop.

Daytime temperatures are expected to be 13 degrees in Seoul, 14 degrees in Daejeon, 15 degrees in Guangzhou and 17 degrees in Busan.

Specifically, tomorrow morning, the temperature of the CAT test will drop to -3 degrees Celsius in Seoul, and the cold will enter below freezing.

Starting this afternoon, the wind will be very strong around the coast and land.

Note that there is a preliminary warning of storms all over the sea and a preliminary warning of strong winds on the coast.

So far, I'm YTN Kwon Hye-in.

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