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Who was Shantke Tokarchuk who won the Nobel Prize for Literature? / YTN

[앵커]This year, two winners came out for 45 years, delaying the Nobel Prize for literature.

Peter Shantke and Olga Tocarchuc.

Men and women are selected side by side and represent each generation with a 20-year gap.

What about the world of the works of both artists?

Reporter Kim Jie-eun.

[기자]Peter Shantke is a well-known writer for the play "Lighting the Audience".

Often shown in Korean theaters, this work is filled only with the words of actors, without any special plots, events or stage decorations.

"They meet a formless performance in the future." “You expected something. Maybe you were expecting an event. Expectations are gone. "

Shantke's most significant discoveries and experiments are, for example, spilling harsh tongues and water baptisms to the audience.

Because of its unique language, it is also referred to as the "German heresy of German passages", but it is difficult to say that it has been working for over 50 years.

[유현주 / 연세대 독어독문학과 교수 ; 대표작으로 이야기되는 작품을 보면 서정적 문체들도 굉장히 많거든요. 다면적이고 풍성한 작품세계를 갖고 있다고 말씀드릴 수 있겠습니다.]

Polish author Olga Tocharcuk, who was selected as last year's winner, is considered a work of art and popularity.

He also won the Manbukker International Prize for his novel "Pliz" last year.

His power is to penetrate human existence and desires delicately, and his masterpieces of time have been commended for the extraordinary dissolution of the Warsaw tragedy on the border of imagination and reality during World War II.

The Tokarchuk Prize increased the number of women writers to 15, or 12.9 per cent, of the 116 Nobel Prize winners.

CTN Kim Jie Eun[]E

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