Sunday , April 18 2021

White chestnut mushroom, vitamin D, amino acid … Best for bone health

Broadcast screen "Heaven leak" / MBN

Mushrooms with white throat are rich in vitamin D and amino acids and are said to be good for bone health.

MBN "Leak Air" recently presented the performance of the white mushroom mushroom.

According to the broadcast, it is used in various types of foods, such as sweet and sour pork, soup and dishes with unique blubber texture. When it dries in the sun, vitamin D increases more than 30 times and helps in bone health.

In fact, only 2 grams of white mushrooms can meet daily vitamin D recommendations.

In addition, mushroom mushrooms are rich in amino acids such as calcium, lysine and leucine to help bone health.

It is said to be called the silver mushroom in China and helps protect the lungs and kidneys and strengthen the bones.

It is also known that Poppy is eating every morning for the beauty of the skin every morning.

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