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What is the impact of the actual shutdown of Jisomia? 'Japan just kicks' against North Korea's 'Information hole'

"The end of isisomy has little effect on us."
"One tenth of America combined with us and Japan"
"We lose if we don't get Japanese video and signal information."
"Kizomia should be maintained until North Korea is destroyed."
"Once we strengthen the" Korea-Japan Information Sharing Agreement (TISA) "
"Restores confidence in Japan and Japan"

While the end of the Korea-Japan Military Information Protection Agreement (GOSOMICA / isisomia) was announced two days before, mixed rumors eventually emerged of the dismissal of the military intelligence service. Opinions are also shared among defense experts.

While there are estimates that there will be no real shocks or major changes, there is concern that North Korea's reconnaissance will be hampered by the inability to use Japanese information.

Ryu Sung-jyop, a researcher at the Institute for Military Research in the 21st Century, said in a statement Tuesday: "If Gysomia ends, it has little effect on us right now. He said

Ryu said: "This year, the information verdict in Japan was often wrong. In its initial assessment of the Ballistic Missile Submarine Missile (SLBM), Japan made a mistake and it took four hours to repair. “
"There are not too many cases when we exchanged information with Japan. If the atmosphere is not as good as it is now, the level and volume of information exchange will be a problem anyway. "" The model from the beginning of last year shows that Japan does not recognize us as an alliance. " I explained that it was a situation.

Researcher Ryu said: "Once North Korea is over, North Koreans will be able to cross into mainland Japan if they continue with intercontinental ballistic missiles or ballistic missiles launched by submarines late this year or early next year. It's hard to do. "If we want to collect additional information, we can send the information to the Pacific or collect it through the US-Rock Alliance.

Zhang Yang-geun, a professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering at Korea Aerospace University, predicted it would not have a major impact on military intelligence after the end of Gizomy.

"Isisomy is not very important in terms of information," Young said. "It is less than a tenth of the United States, even if we combine Japan's and Japan's intelligence and reconnaissance intelligence. Practically all the United States can do that. "

He suggested that the United States is more dependent on isisomy than Korea or Japan. Professor Young said: "The United States wants to show that the US-Russia ROCK Alliance is strong in preparations for the enlargement of China and Russia. It is bad for us to end isisomy. "

Some experts, on the other hand, believe there will be difficulties with North Korea's military intelligence when the country is over.

Representative Shin In-gyun said: "When Jisomia is over, we need to replace the information collected through scout satellites, which are strong in Japan, and to gather signal information through reconnaissance interception aircraft. The quantity is huge, "he said." I'm worried that I won't get this information. "

Representative Shin said: "Tisa is a funny story" about using the Korea-Japan Information Sharing Agreement in Japan (TISA / Tisa). Expectation is a blatant thing. "

Jong-wu Qin, a researcher at the Korea Defense Forum, said: "Isisomy is an agreement that facilitates dealing with North Korea's nuclear and missile trends and secrets. It is difficult for us to grasp all of them. If we understand the trends as we get closer to Korean and US property information, it is more accurate than just doing it. "

Shin said: "Unless we deal with such information, we cannot know whether North Korea is actually giving up before North Korea's denuclearization."

Some comments suggest that after the restoration of Korea-Japan relations, we need to think of ways to recalibrate isisomy.

Sung-muk Moon, director of the Korea Institute for Strategic Studies at the Korea Institute for Strategic Studies, said: "If you go to the Tisza system, you have to go through the United States and the information is less efficient, accurate and effective. First, we need to look at ways to strengthen the Tisa system. "" If Japan and Japan's confidence is restored, even if it is cut off, we can restore it. Be prepared for that. "


What is the impact of the actual shutdown of Jisomia? Japanese Gulf vs. North Korea's Information Hole
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