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Wen Jiabao: "We do not interfere" –

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"We do not plan or hire any investigation or trial," Moon J-in spokesman, the spokesman for the second year of his CBS debate on September 9, said. "We do not think it is possible to control and control a lively and movable investigation." It is alleged that an investigation of former presidential staff, such as former President Park Geun-ha, began before his inauguration, and that the current administration was not involved in the investigation of the prosecution.

President Moon-In, who appeared on CBS, Speaks "President's Request" on the night of his second anniversary / Yonhap News

The president of the moon is said that when he met with the elders, he said "the prefecture's settlement and the post-settlement".
When the moderator asked: "Is this an error or is still a lack of winding up and it's not clear that this should be addressed first?" Said Mr. Moon, "the press has chosen the title or subheading that way," My goal a statement is not the word of the elders, but one of our societies, "Let's go now to the end of the investigation of abandonment and cooperation and integration." I said my opinion about him because of the Word. "

President Moon said: "It's hard to compromise on this issue because it's a very serious anti-constitutional act and constitutional destruction if it's true and if it is clear," If there is a consensus on the basic direction of progress, it will be easy to negotiate. " He said: "The ministry said that there seems to be difficulties in the negotiations, because the perspective of the opposition party (opposition party) and the very basic position are different."

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