Sunday , September 27 2020

Wasabi Mango, up to 25% off Wymp Digital Week


Wasabi Mango (CEO Jwan-un Kim) will take part in a digital week at WeMef and will host an event with a discount of up to 25% on 6 TVs currently receiving the hottest answers from Wasabi Mango. Last chance to buy at the same discounted price as Black Friday.

The Wasabi Mango UHD event lineup for the WiMeff Digital Digital event, which offers up to 25% off the six most popular products, includes HDMI 2.0 ports with 4: 4: 4 chrome sampling. It is equipped with various input ports such as optical, components, composite and USB ports, and you can enjoy various multimedia content through video equipment and gaming machines.

With USB port support, you can watch videos and photos, as well as USB auxiliary power, so you don't have to use an adapter when using a stick pack. The remote control can easily use the various functions of a UHD TV.

The special events for the six UHD TVs targeted current market leaders of 43, 55 and 65 inches, and the products were reduced to a 25% discount with a 10% basic coupon, a 7% brand coupon and an 8% discount on cards. Available for purchase.

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