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U-17 women in football, World Cup scram … First match against Spain 15

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The women's U-17 football team in South Korea will take a bold challenge during the FIFA U-17 Women's World Football Championship in Uruguay on 13.

The women's U-17 team, led by Huh Jung-jae, moved to Montevideo Uruguay on the 28th of last month with the aim of recreating the Trinidad and Tobago tournament winners in 2010.

The first goal is to hand over the "devil team" associated with the strongest team in the interview on November 11 last month, saying: "I win the best result (win)."

South Korea was formed in group D, such as Colombia, which took second place in the European, Spanish and South American championships and Canada, which is located in the central part of North and Central America.

In the U-17 World Championship of 16 countries, including three from Asia, including Japan, South Korea and North Korea, will take part in the group stage, dividing into four groups of four countries.

After winning the championship in 2010, Korea will have to compete against an opponent with a difficult opponent in Azerbaijan in 2012, Costa Rica in 2014 and Jordan in 2016.

Spain, who played in the first match of the 15th, is a strong team that won the first place in the European qualifying rounds over Germany. Colombia was second in qualifying for South America, but showed their ability to beat Uruguay 3: 0 and Brazil 1: 0. Canada also won tickets for the main competition in qualifying for North and Central America with the US and Mexico.

Manager Huh Jung-jae said: "Not everyone is easy, but it is not impossible to reach the quarterfinals." He said: "We will maximize our speed, which is our strength to survive the group stage."

"I will beat Spain in the first game," said Jomi Jin (Ulsan Hyundai) "I will do my best to make good use of my training experience in Spain."

Heo Jae-ho played 21 teams, including attackers Joo Mi-jin and Kwak Young-Young (Ulsan Hyundai).

After completing the A-U-16 championships last year, AFC organized five training sessions and moved to Uruguay before the U-17 Women's World Cup.

He will be in the quarterfinals of the group stage 15 and will be in the quarterfinals after winning at least second place.

Meanwhile, North Korea, which won the U-17 Women's World Championship in Jordan in 2016, is in the C group against the US, Germany and Cameroon.

Costa Rica champions 2014. They will play in group B with Brazil, Mexico and South Africa.

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