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"Tottenham's best signing is Son Hyung-min, Arsenal's worst signing is Park oo-young"

Entry 2019.11.18 03:00

[스포츠매체 ESPN 평가]

"Son, you hired 33 billion four years ago and you will be twice as easy if you send in another team."
"Park oooh-young won't give me a chance."

Jung-min son, Park Yu-young
Jung-min son, Park Yu-young

"The best case of recruiting in Tottenham is Son Hyung Min, and the worst is Arsenal, Park oo-young in the last decade.

Global sports media ESPN made this assessment of two South Korean strikers who set the stage for the 16th EPP (Premier League England). The results of the Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham transfer data analysis have been selected for the 2009 ELF Big Six.

Son Jung Min, 27, was named Tottenham's best player of the 2009-2010 season. In 2015, he moved to Tottenham from Leverkusen in Germany for £ 22m. After that, he played in 203 games and scored 75 goals. ESPN comments that Son Jeong-min has become a player who cannot be ignored because of his speed and determination. It is said. The first two were recruited from third Delhi (England) and Christian Eriksen (Denmark). Striker Harry Caine (England), who together form the DESK line with the three, was left out of the Tottenham youth team and was left out of the transfer target.

On the other hand, former national striker Park Ooo-young (34, now FC Seoul) has been selected for Arsenal's worst signing in 10 years. Park oo-young moved to Arsenal in 2011 with a transfer fee of 9 billion won at AS Monaco. However, he scored seven goals in 2014, scoring just one goal and was released by al-Shabab in Saudi Arabia. At the time, he was out of competition with world-class strikers Robin van Persie (Netherlands) and Marouane Hamac (Morocco). In response, ESPN said: & # 39; Ooo-young Park had no opportunity to prove itself. No one knows why. Arsenal winger expressed doubt that Arsenal had not given Parko a youthful chance at all.

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