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To beat Ulsan Melbourne 30 and go to the quarterfinals of the ACL … Progress towards the championship in 8 years

Out of more Johnson goals and extra headers by Vaughan Du-je-do
Six consecutive matches scored … Show powerful fire power

Ulsan beat Melbourne 3-0 and goes to the quarterfinals of the ACL ...

Professional football K-league 1 Ulsan Hyundai took just three steps to beat Melbourne Victory (Australia) and regain the top of Asia in eight years.

Ulsan beat Melbourne 3-0.

Ulsan, who was eliminated from the 16-finals in this competition for the last two years in a row, managed to place in the quarter-finals after 8 years since 2012.

In addition, they continued their challenge to regain the summit after 8 years.

Ulsan once won this competition in 2012.

Ulsan boasted a strong firepower of two or more goals in six consecutive matches from the second leg of the group stage to date.

Guangzhou Hengda (China) in 2013 had only the same record in the history of the tournament.

Guangzhou won the championship at the time.

Ulsan, who took the lead in Group F and finished in the quarterfinals, scored Melbourne’s second-placed goal in Group E with goalkeeper Jununio and second division side Lee Cheong-yong, Yun Bit Garam and Kim In-Seong.

However, the initial goal rarely came out.

In the 7th minute of the first half, Jununio’s header was followed by a half-volley shot from Yun Bitgaram’s door to the door, and a minute later Yun Bitgaram’s cross from a free kick, followed by Jununio’s head, turned from the goal.

Melbourne goalkeeper Max Crocom with an excellent defense interrupted Ulsan’s goal opportunities several times.

In the 21st minute of the first half, Kim In-seong made a one-on-one situation with Krokom with an agile movement, breaking through the opponent’s defensive line and receiving a pass from Lee Chung-Yong.

Kim In-seong’s next shot was blocked by Crocom’s defense, which read the instructions as a ghost and flew to the left.

Ulsan beat Melbourne 3-0 and goes to the quarterfinals of the ACL ...

In the 41st minute, Yun Bitgaram’s mid-range shot rubbed Jununio’s legs and bounced off the bottom right corner of the Melbourne goal, but Crocom blocked it this time.

Ulsan, who failed to achieve results, faced a concession crisis with a quick counterattack by Melbourne.

In the 13th minute of the second half, Brandon Lawton shot the ball from Melbourne Marco Lohas to the right of the goal, but goalkeeper Su-Hook Cho hit it to the right.

In the end, the goal was Ulsan, who scored more.

Ulsan coach Kim Do-hoon responded to the faith by scoring consecutive goals for Beyoncé Johnson, who was substituted at the start of the second half, and midfielder Von Du-e, who played in the 27th minute.

In the 20th minute of the second half, Yun Bitgaram’s shot from the right side of the penalty area hit the opposing defender and Kim In-Seong in return and fell at the feet of Beyon Johnson, who was lurking in front of the penalty area.

Outside Johnson placed the ball in the lower right-hand corner of the goal.

Crocom could not help him this time.

Ulsan beat Melbourne 3-0 and goes to the quarterfinals of the ACL ...

In the second half of the 32nd minute, Yun Bitgaram finished with a cross from the right side of the box, with a header, where only Von Du-eee changed direction for 2-0.

In the 41st minute of the second half, Beyoncé Johnson once again split the net with his left foot on the left side of the goal to complete a multi-goal and put a wedge in the complete victory of Ulsan.

In the first round, Beijing Guoan (China), played by Kim Min-je, won 1-0 against FC Tokyo (Japan) in the 14th minute of the second half with a winning goal by Alan Carvajo and took first place in the quarter. -final.

Suwon Samsung, the surviving team of the K-League “Yui”, will compete with Yokohama F. Marinos for the quarterfinals on the 8th at 23:00.

The quarter-final draw will take place on the 8th of local time after the remaining two matches of the round of 16 are played.

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