Thursday , September 24 2020

This phase begins with the distribution of 7 trial versions such as Yokohama, the dragon


Like Dragon 7 (Photo Credit: Publishing Company Now Korea)
▲ Like Dragon 7 (Photo Credit: Publishing Company Now Korea)

Korea publishing company Sega has announced that it has begun distributing the trial version to experience the combat system and part of the story of "Seven light and dark wherever it comes out on PS4 next year" on January 16 next year.

In this trial, you can experience manual stories and command-line RPG battles. In battle, you can check out the Action Only system, which is a command-line RPG that can thrill as an action game.

In this title, you can experience a hot human drama about a new hero, Kasu, who grew up with colleagues and defeated villains in Iban, Yokohama Isezaki, a new scene.

"Like a Dragon" will be officially released in Korea on January 16 next year and supports Korean translations.

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