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Thinks "isisomia is the key to regional security" … 종료 "ends until Japan changes" -Chosun.com

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"Profit of the Ruler of North China" by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Milli "I & # 39; ll deliver the message to Korea"

President Mark Milli met with senior Japanese government officials, including Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, on Tuesday, the day before the visit, emphasizing trilateral co-operation and responses from China and North Korea. We exchanged views that it is necessary to maintain the contract (Jisomia). It is certain that US Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who is on a visit to Korea, is also demanding maintenanceism.

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US Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (right) Japan meets with President Mark Milli at the official residence of the Japanese Prime Minister. Milli will visit Korea on the 13th to attend the ROC-US Military Committee. / AFP Jonhap News

Ten days before the scheduled date for the end of isisomy (November 0), the top US military raises its pressure levels to the highest level. Previously, the US State Department's Assistant Secretary of State, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Defense Affairs of the US and Korea, and the Deputy Minister of Economy, called on the State Department's four-member delegation to visit Korea at the same time. Sunday. However, the Korean government adheres to the view that "first the Japanese export deregulation of Korea".

Mr Milli said after meeting with Prime Minister Abe on the day, he told reporters: "We discussed a little bit about the Yeshomi problem and we will discuss it in Korea tomorrow." He also met with Fisomi during a meeting with Yamazaki Koi, Japan's Integrated Martial Arts Center, Defense Minister Kono Taro and Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu. In particular, when Motegi said: "If the three countries are not subsidized, it will benefit not only North Korea but also China and Russia." Milli said, "I will send the same message to South Korea."

Milli's Joint Chiefs of Staff also said of the flight to Japan the previous day: "The three countries are stronger when they come together and unite." In addition, "isisomia, which Korea and Japan signed in 2016, is crucial to regional security and stability," he said. He said: "North Korea and China are the only countries that benefit from the Korea-Japan conflict."

Even in the US offensive, Jung Dae-jung, a spokeswoman for Jeong Wa Dae, said in one broadcast that the decision was "to make the decision to end isisemia very difficult". Foreign Ministry spokesman Kim In-sheol said: "If unfair export control measures are withdrawn in Japan, it is ready to consider a decision to end isisomy."

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