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"Theatrical goal" was drawn with Germany, 2-2 draw … France entered the quarter-finals

"Germany's lowest" Germany, transferred to league B … England Switzerland Portugal Semifinals
The Netherlands entered the fourth round of the UEFA Europa League with a dramatic equalizer just before the end of the match.

The Netherlands won the Champions League Final of the Champions League 4-2 in the German Arena Kensenkir in Augsburg, Germany.

The Netherlands won 2-1, 1-0 (7 points, 4 goals), France (2 wins, 1 draw, 1 goal, 7 goals, 0 goals).

The Netherlands, England, Switzerland and Portugal will be in the semifinals of the League of Nations, and the draw will be held on December 3rd.

Germany, on the other hand, failed to win a single game in four league matches of the Nations and was withdrawn in league B with 2 unresolved (2 points) at the bottom.

Germany was good to start. Germany's Timo Werner and Leroy Sane scored 19 goals in the first half.

Then, Germany made a number of decisive opportunities for achievement, playing before the attack before them. However, the last attempt to shoot in Germany failed to open the gap more as they were out of the line.

The Netherlands, which did not have extra points despite the fact that they were playing, ultimately fought back, and Quincy Sales led the score in the 40th minute.

The Netherlands, which needs another goal to advance in the semifinals, has demonstrated its commitment to the goal, with Central Defender Virgil van Dyk at the forefront. The Dutch noble water went through it.

Van Dyk scored a dramatic equalizer in the 45th minute when Tony Wilechana shifted the ball into the head of the German defender and shot the ball. Van Dyke's goal led the Netherlands with a 1-0 victory over the Nations Cup semi-final.

◇ History of the League of Nations of the European Football Federation (UEFA)

Δ League A 1
Netherlands (2 wins, 1 draw and 1 draw) 2-2 Germany (2 draw and 2 losses)

Δ League B 1
Czech Republic (2 wins and 2 losses) 1-0 Slovakia (1 win and 3 losses)

Δ League B 4
Denmark (2-2) 0-0 Ireland (2-2)

(Seoul = News 1)

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