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The Union Railway strike is on a general strike

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[앵커]Korail's main negotiations, which have been negotiating staff recruitment and high-speed rail integration, have finally failed.

The Union Railway will start an indefinite general strike from 9am today, and the Broadband Bus Unions traveling between Gyeonggi and Goyang and Seoul also go on a general strike today.

Reporter Kim Hyun-woo.

[기자]Managing Korail's Labor in the Last Minutes of Intense Negotiations Before the General Strike!

KORAIL sat down with the union to prevent the disaster of the general strike.

[손병석 / 코레일 사장 : 저희들은 성의를 다해서 (교섭에 임할 생각이고요). 아직까지 확정적으로 파업에 들어간다고 단정하는 것은 좀 이른 것 같습니다.]

But after about an hour of negotiations, they found no agreement and finally failed.

The union demanded 4,000 workers and a 4% increase in pay for the 4th and 2nd shifts.

In addition, KORAIL is struggling with recruiting over 1,800 people, and the rest of the issue is beyond its discretion.

The Union Railway Union, well aware of this situation, called on the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Energy to start.

[조상수 / 전국철도노동조합 위원장 : 국토교통부는 이낙연 총리의 당부에도 불구하고 단 1명의 ‘4조 2교대’에 필요한 안전 인력 증원 안에 대한 인원을 제시하지 않았습니다.]

Korail's Labor and Management plan to resume negotiations after the collapse of the main negotiations.

However, a general strike is inevitable as it is unlikely to fully adapt to union demand.

On strike, KTX operates on 69% of normal, 60% of regular trains and 31% of freight trains.

In Yeongyang Dosh, emergency transport measures are in place, such as additional city buses and the removal of taxis.

However, when the wide-ranging unions going to Goyang-si and Seoul are on strike, overlapping rail strikes will inevitably lead to transportation and logistics problems.

CTN Kim Hyun Woo[]E

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