Thursday , September 24 2020

The two-day spending defense negotiations have continued since tomorrow / CTN


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[앵커]Tomorrow there will be two days of negotiations on defense contributions.

US officials are arriving this afternoon, and we expect full-fledged fighting to take less than half a month to complete by the end of this year.

The journalist connects. Reporter Kim Jie-sun!

Negotiating contribution to the defense of the ROC and the United States is difficult.

Entering American Negotiator Today?

[기자]Yes, James De Gert, the US State Department's Department of Defense coordinator, arrives at Incheon Airport in the afternoon.

I am here to attend the 11th Special Korean Defense Treaty with the United States, at the third SMA lockdown.

DeHart's visit to Korea was only 12 days, but he visited Korea on the 5th for an informal meeting to investigate public opinion.

DeHart's envoy will meet tomorrow to discuss Ambassador Eun-Bo's defense contribution for two days.

Previously, the United States met twice in September and October in Seoul and Hawaii.

It is expected that the atmosphere will be different from the two rounds of negotiations, which were very strong in the drive.

The two sides are expected to step up and withdraw seriously, with less than a month and a half remaining this year when the 10th SMA agreement ends.

The United States is currently putting pressure on defense spending in all directions.

Earlier today, the US and Korean Security Councils between the US and US defense ministers expressed this view.

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper stressed that the ROC is richer, so it must pay more for defense.

In response, Secretary General Jung faced an emphasis on a fair and mutually acceptable level.

The two sides want to close this year, but negotiations are expected to be difficult as the United States seeks about $ 5 billion, more than five times the amount of contributions this year.

As the United States wages a psychological struggle to dramatically increase the amount of Korea's contributions,

Our delegation of negotiating governments is cautious and formulates response strategies.

So far, this is YTN Kim Jie-sun.

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