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The righteous party joins Islam "we will talk about multiculturalism and migrants"

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Former lawmaker Isamin gave his stance on the inauguration of the Justice Party on Tuesday. Journalist

The former Saenuri party (formerly the Liberal Party of Korea), which joined the Justice Party, said: "Think of the migrants living in our society as Koreans." "Speak on behalf of migrants."

Former Representative Jasmine appeared on the Kim Hyun-jung Show on KBS on 12. 12. "The scenes that can be seen as members of parliament are different from the time they came out after the National Assembly mandate." "I feel like I'm just passing because no one is talking about it."

To the former congressman's controversial resettled migrant controversy, “The issue of multiculturalism and migrants was a problem we should talk about in our society. It would not be possible to find such a solution unless it becomes a problem. " In 2012, the Saenuri party was the only one that offered me the offer. " "The most difficult thing was to hand over all members of parliament to the Islamic parliament without going through a multicultural policy," he said. "The advantage was the hardest because Congress was unable to do it alone."

In the end, he told me about his election for next year, "Yesterday (during the election), but I've done my job as president of (Human Rights of Citizens) and since then, if you really believe and believe me," I mean that I can't tell you now. "

Former envoy Isasmin was born in Manila, Philippines, marries a Korean and is naturalized. He was elected to the 19th National Assembly as a candidate for the proportional representative of the Saenuri party. In the future, he will head the special justice party.

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