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The price of bitcoin is turning down in the trend-touch news


It fell from 21 million won on the 25th to 19.15 million won on the 27th
The background of news to strengthen regulations on the appearance of profitable property

The sharp rise in the price of bitcoin showed a sharp decline on the 28th. On this day, on the domestic virtual exchange of funds “Bitumbo”, bitcoin was traded at 19.1 million won at 15:00 the previous day. Given that it surpassed 20 million won on the 18th and traded around 21 million won on the 25th, it fell sharply.

US cryptocurrency information site CoinDesk posted a similar time of $ 17,237. The price of bitcoin, which exceeded the $ 20,000 mark after the upward trend of the $ 19,000 range, fell below $ 18,000 with a double-digit decline.

In the market, profit sales and news of regulatory reinforcement are seen as backgrounds. Brian Armstrong, CEO of cryptocurrency company Coinbase, has expressed concern on Twitter over rumors that the United States is considering new regulations that undermine the anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions.

Amid skepticism about the recent rise of bitcoin, the bullish theory remains. According to CNBC, Anthony Trenchev, managing director of cryptocurrency lending platform NEXO, said: “Bitcoin fell by 40% in March.” “It is expected to rise above Russia.”

The rising price of bitcoin has recently plummeted.
The rising price of bitcoin has recently plummeted.

This year, the price of bitcoin has jumped significantly. Bitcoin, which traded at 8 million won at the beginning of the year on major domestic exchanges, rose to 15 million won earlier this month and recently surpassed 20 million won. It is analyzed to have attracted attention as a result of the impact of the weakening confidence in the dollar. The rise was even sharper when global companies entered the market, including news of PayPal’s virtual payment service last month.

Lee Seok-woo, CEO of Doonamu, Upbit Virtual Exchange Operator, told an online conference ahead of the Developers Option Conference (UDC) 2020 on the 26th, “He is dizzy. increased. “Bitcoin is recognized as an asset abroad and is actively traded.”

Future prospects are mixed. In a recent report, JPMorgan analyzed that Bitcoin could compete more fiercely with gold as an alternative and that its long-term growth potential was very high. On the other hand, “hedge fund loan” Ray Dalio, CEO of Bridgewater Associations, expressed a negative view, saying that bitcoin is not suitable as a means of storing wealth due to its great instability.

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