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The Largest 500 largest companies contributed 2.6061 billion won last year


Analysis of 220 companies among the top 500 companies in terms of sales last year (amount of social contribution spend is 206)

Analysis of 220 companies among the top 500 companies in terms of sales last year (amount of social contribution spend is 206)

[아시아경제 이동우 기자] Social contribution expenditures of Korea's top 500 companies have increased steadily over the past decade, despite a slight decline last year. In particular, these companies have emphasized the realization of social values ​​through the development of new activities and employment.

According to the "Corporate Social Value Report for 2019" released by the National Union of Businessmen on December 12, last year's total social contribution expenditures were surveyed among 206 companies, including respondents and companies that published a sustainability report. It turned out to be 2.6060 trillion won. This is a decrease of 4.3% compared to 2017 (2.724.578 million won), but an increase of 24.4% compared to 2016 (2.947.852.8 million).

The CCI said, "The overall size has declined compared to the previous year, but the trend over the past 10 years appears to have been steadily increasing and then returned after a temporary adjustment in 2016."

Last year the average company spend was 1.265.770.000 won, 8.1% less than in 2017 (1.37.763 million won) and 18.4% more than in 2016 (1.667.680.000 won).

Expenditures by sectors were ▲ support for the vulnerable class (37.6%), education, school and academics (14.7%), culture, arts and sports (11.0%) and support for start-up activities (10.9%) . Yan King-ion has interpreted that as part of creating social value, companies are actively promoting startups and entrepreneurship education.

For example, space, finance, mentoring and networking are supported at an early stage to establish a foundation for independence or provide opportunities to enter the global market through collaboration with large companies. In fact, Samsung Electronics offers C Lab Outside programs to provide potential entrepreneurs and startups with high growth potential and the opportunity to move to dedicated workplaces located at our R&D campus.

In addition, many large companies have found that employment is approaching the realization of social value. Given the increase in the local community employment rate when planning an employment plan, the company managed to create high quality jobs through operating bonds annually in the first and second half of the year even if labor demand is low.

Companies such as Lotte Rental, AMOREPACEFIC and CT set up standard workplace subsidiaries to assist them in recruiting people with disabilities and performing appropriate tasks. In the case of E-Mart, on-the-job training is provided to assist disabled employees. Hanwha Corp. holds an Internet Job Fair to fill the gap in employment information for locals and job seekers who are cumbersome.

Companies also strive to provide employment opportunities and career exploration. Hanwha Life will show a "63-second self-introduction video" and GS Caltex will provide job candidates with lectures, workshops and arts and healing programs for two nights and three days.

The report recently outlined the trend of social contribution programs as "upgrades (U.P.G.R.A.D.E)". This includes UN SDG (linking to UN sustainable development goals), – problem solving (solving social problems) ▲ Green (environmental management activities and contributing social assistance activities) ▲ Relationship (improving relationships with stakeholders) ▲ Analysis) ▲ Donation (Establishing various donation and active donation platforms) ▲ Education (educational social contribution for future talent).

The CCI said, "With years of accumulated knowledge, social contribution activities are developing qualitatively." "We need more attention and encouragement to promote them."

By Dongvo Lee Reporter

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