Monday , September 21 2020

Son Hyung-min "When we beat the weak team, he didn't say anything …"


  • • Hyung Min mentioned how he felt after evaluating with Brazil
  • • Hyung-Min Son, "If we improve in the future, we will be able to grow one step further"

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He mentioned how he felt after the match against Brazil.

South Korea's national football team, led by manager Paulo Bento, played a match against Brazil at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium on Wednesday. The match was defeated 0-3, but the players continued to play at a fast pace, trying different techniques. The rating of games was 10.1% and became popular.

Son Hyung-min said in an interview after the game: "The results are a little disappointing compared to the content of the game." "I don't have much chance of playing like this against the Brazilian team," he said. "I want the players to be realistic in today's game."

One reporter asked Son Hyung-min, "What is the way to close the gap when dealing with strong and weak teams?" It's the same ". "If we make a lot of improvements, we will be able to grow one step further as a team," he added.

Dream Hyung-min, who completed his last A game this year, will return to his Tottenham squad and play the season. Tottenham are sacked by manager Poketino and are looking for a replacement.

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