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Sinsteller Taiwan, Australia departs… International baseball gap narrows


12 PMs hit each other in Korea and US… Power analysis becomes more important

Taiwan's 'Sing Stealer' leaves Australia Decline in international baseball gap (general)

Taiwan and Australia have used Licorice as a "new stolen" at the 2019 World Baseball Federation (WBSC) Premier12.

Both countries dropped out of the Tokyo Olympics with the No. 1 seed in Korea and Asia in the final round of the tournament twice in a row with a record of 1 win and 3 defeats in six rounds.

Taiwan and Australia will compete in the Tokyo Olympics for the last time in the next world preliminary round in April.

Both countries were in the lower 15s, but they showed their lack of green baseball skills and proved that the gap between international baseball is narrowing.

Taiwan beat South Korea 7-0 in the 11th Super Circuit.

They defeated South Korea.

Taiwan's 'Sing Stealer' leaves Australia Decline in international baseball gap (general)

On the 15th, Taiwan advanced 2-1 unanimously against the United States, but unfortunately lost 2-2 with a twist.

South Korea, hit by a major crisis in Taiwan, has managed to beat Mexico and reach its goal of entering the Tokyo Olympics and tournament finals thanks to a US victory.

Australia, rated as the weakest of the six nations in the super round, drew a lot of attention with its close game.

Australia, which has already lost the group league, took over 'tough' Canada and revived the post, joining Group Two in Group C after Korea.

In the super round, the Americans were defeated 2-1 to stun the tournament officials.

The Americans also gave up their Olympic tickets to Mexico because of the defeat of the Australian War, but hoped they would get a chance to defeat Mexico by winning the bronze medal over Taiwan.

Should Taiwan beat Australia on the morning of the 16th, the United States will compete in the bronze medal, and the team that wins the bronze will go straight to the Tokyo Olympics as the No. 1 American.

If Australia dominates Taiwan, the United States will drop out, and Mexico, already in the bronze medal race, will win Olympic tickets.

Australia also lost 2-3 in their match against Japan, but he managed to lead the game 2-1 until midfield.

The car eventually won or lost, but the content of the game made the viewer's heart chew.

Taiwan's 'Sing Stealer' leaves Australia Decline in international baseball gap (general)

The size and level of leagues in Taiwan and Australia are less than those in the KBO league or Japanese professional baseball.

However, there are many players who have played or already experienced in American professional baseball minor leagues.

The minor league teams are sending prospects to the Southern Hemisphere in the winter to build their skills.

Skills will also increase Australian League skills.

The CSO Secretariat has also expanded its power analysis team in light of international trends that have eliminated the gap.

Ahn Yi-Jong, a KBSN commentator and national power analyst, worked with the KIA Tigers team to investigate the United States and Mexico.

Bong ongong-kin, a KBSN commentator and power analyst, dismissed the LG Twins and Japan and Taiwan power analysis team.

During the Super Circle, one team re-analyzed the power of the field and another team led by Kim Pyong-ho, the head of the power analysis team, worked day and night to prepare briefing materials for the same players.

Reduced capacity differences increased the importance of power analysis.

Kim Kyung-mun, the team's manager, admitted "Taiwan's defense and the overall organization is much better than before."

Meanwhile, propaganda from Taiwan and Australia has doubled the fun of combining the WBSC's unique victories and team tie rules that rank and score.

The first and second countries in each Super Bowl group will compete with the other groups in the qualifiers.

In other words, they start a super circle with victory or defeat in a confrontational country.

Korea have had 3 wins and 1 defeat from 15, with 2 wins in the US and Mexico and 1 defeat by Taiwan in the Super Bowl.

According to the WBSC's policy of separating two Olympic tickets in the final round of the Super Round, including the final and bronze medals, five countries besides Japan, which automatically participate in the Olympics, struggled to dry out every day, and South Korea took over. place. .

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