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Rolling! 28th New Leaking Ball Hero, Official Server Applied Web Inventory

Blizzard Entertainment announced that its 28th new hero, the Wrecking Ball, from its team shooting game Overwatch®, will officially join Overwatch on Wednesday.

The Trekking Ball is the seventh attack on an Overview hero armed with major mechanical modifications and a huge steel robot. Leakingball has been popular since its first public test server application on Friday, the 29th.

The Trekking Ball has four automatic rifles that can knock enemies from afar, the ultimate minefield, useful for catching or setting fire to ongoing battles, and an adjustable shield that provides solid protection from nearby enemies. Hero with destructive power and strategically useful skills.

It also has a completely new kind of maneuverability not seen in the original Hero Attack. Transform into a sphere and wander between battlefields and high-speed enemies. The hooks can be suspended like a pendulum, reaching maximum speed and causing damage to enemies. You can also use the Reporter threat technique, which slides from an elevated position to the basic enemy.

By officially joining Overwatch to Overwatch, players will now be able to play new heroes in all game modes, except competitors. The goal is to provide enough training time for new heroes before joining the competition.

Meanwhile, Blizzard posted its video on the Overwatch Introduction today on Overwatch's official YouTube. The game description and overview can be found on the official website of Overwatch.

The 12-year-old is available for Windows® PC, PlayStation St 4 and Xbox One. For more information on Overwatch, visit the official Overwatch homepage and screenshots and videos on the Blizzard Press site.

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