Saturday , June 12 2021

Renault Master commercial vehicles, 600 new monthly contracts

Renault Samsung Motors has sold 200 new cars in the month introduced by the "Master", which was issued in response to a change in the market of light commercial vehicles represented by trucks 1t.

According to Renault Samsung Motors on Tuesday, 200 cars were sold by the 15th of this month. If you include the amount before signing the contract, 600 agreements are already closed.

Renault official Samsung Motors said: "By the end of the year, we expected to sell around 300 cars, but the market reaction is better than expected."

As the contract amount exceeds 600, the ordered car can be delivered after March next year.

The official said: "The Korean market reacts well, so we asked Renault to increase production at headquarters," he said. "We will have a smooth delivery from March next year."

The champion is a similar type of truck as StarxVan Hyundai. The back of the car is the cargo space that carries the luggage.

It is similar to the Oldx van, but its size is larger and suitable for transporting luxury furniture and large household appliances.

Although the main goals are self-employed and small business owners, the demand for motorhomes is significant, and special car manufacturers have already begun to produce motorhomes based on the master.

The champion is a model imported by Renault Samsung Motors, which claims that Hyundai / Kia Motors will present a new alternative to the domestic light commercial vehicle market, which is practically monopolized.

Renault is the most popular vehicle on the European commercial vehicle market since the introduction of the first generation model in 1980 and the model of the third generation (face lift) in 2014.

Renault Samsung Motors intends to increase its market share of imported models to 10% within two years, targeting the domestic commercial vehicle market based on the Master system.

The automotive industry expects to convert about 25,000 cars a year.

Renault Motor Master Samsung Motor said: "The price of the champion is more expensive than the national competition model, which is 4 to 5 million, but it is an all-wheel drive system, making it smaller in the eyes and equipped with safety and comfort specifications, such like a warning system before leaving the lane and ramp. There is an advantage over the differences. "

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(News from Seoul-Yonhap)

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