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Reason for stress? How are the symptoms of panic disorder, self-diagnosis and treatment possible?

Panic disorder, sleep disturbances, and depression are typical psychiatric disorders that have become a hot topic for modern people who are dealing recently. The panic disorder, known as the so-called entertaining disease, is an appeal to the entertainers, and the number of patients seeking a psychiatric hospital and a mental health clinic is increasing. People who do not panic disorder symptoms that only entertainers do not suffer from suffering from panic disorder as stress becomes more common. So, let's see if you have symptoms of panic disorder and you can treat panic disorder through a diagnosis of panic disorder.

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Panic Disorder?

Panic disorder, one of the most common disorders of anxiety disorder, is a state of sudden surprise or surprise in a changed situation, and a state of fear that is daunting. Severe anxiety attacks and the various physical symptoms associated with them are unexpected anxiety disorders that are unexpectedly manifested without any remarks. They are the ones who are constantly experiencing intense anxiety, panic. This seems to be due to a combination of stress from various factors such as work and family life, anxiety for old age and human relationships leading to panic disorder.

The cause of panic disorder "stress"

Recent studies, along with psychosocial factors such as psychoanalytic theory and cognitive behavior theory, have found that biological factors are the main cause of panic disorder. It's natural for people to feel uncomfortable when they are in a nervous state. At that time, the organization of astrocytomas in the brain mediates in several institutions that feel anxiety. The gray matter of the brain plays a role in causing the cerebral cortex to diminish and accept the situation that is not disturbed and react to the fear of escaping or freezing.

The stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and the secretion of hormones, such as sweating or heart beat, is mediated by the hypothalamus, which stimulates the secretion of norepinephrine into the central nervous system, which plays an important role in the central nervous system, as shown in Fig. .

Symptoms of panic disorder

Symptoms of panic disorder include sudden cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, sweating, choking and chest tightness. Causes of panic disorder include psychological and social causes of interpersonal stress, excessive conflict with other people or events, abnormalities of neurotransmitters, functional abnormalities such as temporal lobe, prefrontal lobe and heart disease, stroke. There are neurological causes such as excessive drinking .

When the stress in the rectum is high and increases chronic insomnia and fatigue, it is a signal to the body that early symptoms of a stressful panic disorder have occurred. If these early symptoms of panic disorder occur, it is also useful to find a medical institution once the diagnosis is made. Additionally, if you do not have a good cause and you are easily tired, nervous, restless or sleepy, you should doubt anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder does not seem like a panic attack, but every moment is upset and upset for everyday life.

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So, let's find out whether or not you suffer from panic disorder through the diagnosis of panic disorder.

△ Feels like losing breathing or blocking it. △ It feels like dizzy and hesitant, or weakens. △ the pulse is accelerating or the heart is breaking through. △ My arms and legs shake. △ Sweat. △ Feels like someone stifling the neck.
△ It seems to be disturbing or vomiting. △ I feel like I'm in another world or I feel like I'm not me. △ Feeling numbness or numbness in the arms and legs. △ Fire sensation or fever. △ I feel pain or discomfort in the chest.
△ I feel terrible to die. △ I feel scared that I'm going crazy or I can not control myself.

If one of the symptoms listed above appears suddenly and becomes worse or worse within 10 minutes, it may be a panic attack.

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