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Rayu Hyun-jin's heartfelt gold "Team like Huo Yin-su?

"It would be great if a 3-4 year deal with JA … I'm an agent."
"This season's score is 99 points … I missed August."

Ryu Hyun-jin and Bai Jii-Hyun return home

Ryu Hyun-jin and Bai Jii-Hyun return home(Jong Jong-do = Yonhap News) Journalist Yoon Dong- = in = LA Dodgers Ryu Hyun-jin and former announcer Bae Hyun-hyun return home from Incheon International Airport on the 14th. 2019.11.14 mon@yna.co.kr

Kim Young-jun, a free agent who returned home with the best results, said he would be special if he played for the same team as Huo Yin-su (37, Texas Rangers).

Ryu Hyun-jinin returned to Incheon International Airport on the 14th and was interviewed by the press and asked, "I say that Huo recommends recommending me to the Texas team." It seems to be. "

Huo Yin-Soo recently announced that he appeared on the US Citizens Broadcasting and asked him to recruit Ryu Hyun-jinin at a club in Texas, seeking a starting pitcher.

Ryu Hyun-jinin responded affirmatively, but noted that the destination had been assigned to the agent.

He also revealed a review of the free agency agreement. Ryu Hyun-jinin said: "I think it would be good for a contract for a period of three to four years."

Ryu Hyun-jinin made 29 appearances in the MLB Major League in the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2019 with 14 wins and 5 losses and an average ERA of 2.32.

The average ERA was 1st in the major leagues and 6th in the league.

In the morning, Yi Young won first place for Asian players in the ballot.

Ryu Hyun-jinin returns home with his pregnant wife, Pay-Hyun Announcement. Many baseball fans gathered at the airport. Ryu Hyun-jin will now be training in Korea.

Next is P and R.

Ryu Hyun Inn, attention

Ryu Hyun Inn, attention(Jong Jong-do = Yonhap News) Journalist Yoon Dong- = in = Ryu Hyun-jinin of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who won second place in National League voting Key Young, returned home via Incheon International Airport at 14 and answers questions. 2019.11.14 mon@yna.co.kr

-I had the best season of the season.

Seems It seems like the season is going well. He started with 30 starts, starting 29 games. I am pleased to have achieved my goals to some extent.

What was the driving force?

▲ Because I'm in good physical shape, the record looks good. If you do not feel well, your grades will fail.

I have to sign a free agent.

Ќе I will concentrate on the movement in Korea. The FA contract was left to the agent. At the moment I'm not thinking about anything. If there is any coordination (in the FA agreement), I think I should go to the United States once.

-The child wants to be like mom or dad.

▲ I hope you all look alike. I wish I could grow up healthy.

-You hope for a three to four year term in relation to the FA.

Think about 3-4 years. That would be good.

Joe said he recommended himself to Texas.

Thank you It seems like it's special if a Korean player plays on the same team.

There was no discussion with the Dodgers.

▲ Not much.

Hyunjin Ryu from the airport

Hyunjin Ryu from the airport(Hong Jong-do = Yonhap News) Journalist Yoon Dong- = in = Ryu Hyun-jinin of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are second in the National League of Young Keys Voters, returns to Korea via Incheon International Airport on 14th. 2019.11.14 mon@yna.co.kr

What if you reach this season?

I'll give you 99 points. The rating seems to be enough to give so much. It wasn't 100 because it was bad in August.

-It was the # 1 voice for Chi Yang.

I never expected it. I didn't even care. I feel good when I get a vote in the first place. I also wanted to get more votes in the first place.

– SK Vivers, Kim Quang-Hyun is looking to get into the big leagues.

▲ No advice. The best pitcher. I think if you go to the major leagues, you will do well. I hope you take good care of your body.

The baseball team plays in the Premier 12.

It I saw as a hallmark in America. Unfortunately I lost in one match, but I think I'll do well.

Next season's goal.

▲ I think I need to talk carefully. (Laughter) I've always talked about the average ERA.

-Do you plan on training a new ball?

▲ No throw ball. (Laughs)


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