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"Radio Star" Kim Eung-su, the second legendary "Kwak Gul Jong" … "Just talk about fun and go double!"

[매일경제 스타투데이 신영은 기자]

Actress Kim Eung-soo, who was forced into a career as a Taza character by Kwak Hul-Jong, starred in Radio Star and caught up with a double talk show on Wednesday night. At the same time, Park Sang-min, Cardard Garden, and the voyeur who sought to resolve the shell dispute, added a sincere smile.

On the high-end talk show MBC 'Radio Star' (planned by Kim Gu-san, director Joey Feng-ho Kim Ji-woo), aired on 2nd, the owners of Hidden Attraction, Kim Eung-su, Park Sang -min, Card Garden and Voyager appeared in a special play, "The Shell". Special MK was known for its steady progress with Jung aea-hyung.

Kim Eung-soo, a popular character in the Taza film, Kwak Hul-Jong, has proven his extraordinary sense of performance right from the start with a twinkle. As its popularity soared that even a Kwak Chul-yong virtual advertising contest appeared, Kim Eung-sutto drew attention by directing an acting ad using Myeongdae.

At the same time, Kim responded firmly to MF's question, "Do you want to get a proposal for Taza 4?" "And Kwak Gul Jong is dead."

Kim Eung-su, who was successful in every movie that came out, said: "My job is good. Other people say Kim is lucky, but most boast that they are "choices" and then smear the studio saying "I feel" about the selection criteria. Kim Eung-Soo gave a talk on the philosophy of life, and GB who heard it said it was the mind that gave them a smile.

Park Sangmin admitted he was cheated by a close acquaintance. I was fine, so it was easy to talk on the air, but my wife looked stupid about her. "

Park Sang-min, who said six of the ten events are not paid on a loyalty basis, said: "I want to stick to my style, worrying that there is no defense against fraud." Even if you go 6 out of 10, you don't pay for 4 events. "

Park Sang-Mi also shared his story of donating sunglasses to Cambodia. Park said: "There is a possibility of donating glasses that are not used in Cambodia these days. I couldn't give anything, so I thought about it for a few hours and then everyone donated it directly to the producers. "

"The real age is thirty, Kang Min-kyung, Kim Fu-na, Park Bo-young and the same age." . Cardard Gardens also complained that it hurt more than he thought, from a joke to bad looks.

The MoF was asked: "Do you have a plan for design?" A close plastic surgeon told me it would be quick to give birth again. "If I want to be born again, I want to be born the same way as Dean."

The broadcaster said: "I wanted to write in Korean, but it was harder than I thought. Then I got a good image of a voyeur. " But for a short while, & # 39; What is the hit song? & # 39;

"Part-time service," a voyeur named "Part-time work," said: "Alba plays music. Now I'm doing a cleaning service for Alba. "It only takes one hour a day, about 7 ~ 80,000 wins. What took three hours to clean up from the first to the fourth floor is now reduced to one hour. "

Voyager pointed out that "Hip-Hop FLEX culture" was wrong for him, "I was a rapper and I didn't know why I had to wear the same high-class watch. The expression is endless, but the expression was a little funny. "I know what it is, but it's different from me. If you give me a luxury watch, I'll sell it. "

On the other hand, Jung aeae-hyung, who was with the special MC during the day, was well received by viewers with a smooth process.

Not only did he bring the studio to life with his unique smile, he also showed a solid figure by adding questions to the right place.

After the broadcast, viewers said: "Today's Tiki is so funny." ! "," Park Sang-min = uhuho-min appeared ㅋㅋㅋ "," Oh, ungung hae-hing-fresh and fine ", and so on.

Next week's show is expected to be featured as "Game of Thrones" starring Jung Hyung-don, Defkone, Kim Jong-un, Oh Se-Kyun and Special MK Kwon Gul.

Radio Star, on the other hand, is a favorite as a unique talk show that disarmes guests with a speech by a village killer who doesn't know where 4ЦЦ is going.

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