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Qiyong Doo Jung "isisomia, the situation does not change"

Meeting after talks on defense ministers
"Isisomia, the diplomatic dimension of Korea-Japan … I can't hear the cold answers in Japan
US Pressures for Maintaining Cooperation in Japan
Experts say the United States, various swords with Korea at the end of isisomia

Defense Minister Jung King-du (right) shakes hands with talks with Vietnamese Defense Minister Ngo Xuan Lik (left) in Bangkok, Thailand. Presented by the Ministry of Defense

Defense Secretary Jung Kyung-Doo said the end of the Korea-Japan Military Information Protection Agreement (GOSOMIA / isisomia) is in the early stages of readiness. "I hope there will be no such damage, but there are no other changes to what is happening." It cannot be avoided unless a last-minute diplomatic breakthrough is established.

Jung held a press conference in Bangkok, Thailand, during the meeting of the ASEAN-ROCK (ADM-Plus) Defense Ministers on the 17th. I understand that the government has been discussing a lot of diplomatic discussions under the auspices of this because this is a problem that needs to be resolved at the government level. "" I hope I can do that well, "said Japanese Defense Minister Kono Taro. "He said.

Jung never heard the cold answer (from Kono's defense minister) to the question, "Is there a change in Japan's position at this meeting?" I tried hard, but there was no cool answer you wanted to hear. "(The problem with Gizomi is that you run parallel lines.) The government's policy of expanding export withdrawal and excluding white nations was repeated, but Japan was the mainland.

It also publicly stated that the United States sees the situation as a serious crisis in US-Japanese security co-operation and puts significant pressure on Korea and Japan. Jung said: “Isisomy had many symbols and strategic values. The United States actually thinks so, "he said." We are pressuring Japan and asking us to keep isisomies. " "We are strongly oppressed by the importance of maintaining US-Japanese cooperation. "I am not only pressing on us, but also strong on Japan."
These comments appear to be aware of the criticism that despite the US opposition, the Korean government has broken the US-Rock alliance while pushing for an end to Jisomiah, leading to a confrontation between the US and South Korea. One military official said: "We have emphasized that the United States recognizes that Japan is also responsible for this situation." However, the prevailing rumor is that if Sosmia ends, the damage will be left alone. The United States has no choice but to accept the destruction of Fisomi caused by the Soviet Union as a "total denial" of security cooperation between the United States and Japan. A diplomatic expert said: "The destruction of isisomics shakes the foundations of US security strategy in Northeast Asia, which responds to North Korea's provocations and potential threats to China through security cooperation between the United States and Japan." It will not be here. ”It is also predicted that the United States will take appropriate action in Korea if the end of Sosmia is a reality. Beomel Shin, director of the Center for Security and Reunification at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, said: "Various 'underwater pressures', such as the United States, did not provide timely information on North Korea's denuclearization negotiations and The United States of South Korea, or mounting pressure to negotiate USJC military contributions, demanded high auto tariffs. As a result, the loss of tangible and intangible national interests that Korea must bear may be worse than expected.

A diplomatic source said: "There is a possibility for the United States to propose to withdraw Japan from the cessation of export control measures at the end of the year," he said. "The gap between Korea and Japan is still large, with no sharp measures to stop the end of the country. "It's a visible situation."

Staff reporter, Chun Sang-ho ysh1005@donga.com

Lee Jong-Chan, Former National Intelligence Service "Do you understand the end of Gizomy? Penalty for false reports "
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