Friday , October 22 2021

PS4 New new RPG game "Star Wars"


[자료제공: CFK]

CFK, today (November 9, Friday) Japan Compilation Heart & # 39; s PlayStation® 4 is a new RPG game <용의 별 바르니르>A new heroine and combat system.

<용의 별 바르니르>This is a new RPG game focusing on three themes: Witch, Giant Dragon and Dark Fantasy. Illustrators representing such compilations as Tsunako, Manamitsu, Nanameda Kai and Hirano Katsuyuki have been eliminated.

<용의 별 바르니르> Witches appearing in the "dragon" can draw the power of action. Like dragons that appear in ordinary enemies, you can also use your skills to develop your character using dragons at the level of bosses.


CV: Akasaki China

Illustration: Manamitsu

The oldest of the sisters living in the witch's nest. It seems like a strong sense of responsibility, a spirit of challenge and a desire to become a witch who can be fast one day. Emotional ups and downs are hard, and when you feel bad, you have a lot of hands to calm down. He always treats Jaffe bluntly and is not honest in his feelings.

Ruby Eye

CV: Iguchi Iguchi

Illustration: NANAMEDAKE

The woman is Together, the leader of the Evil Raven. Use "Maggie" created with the power of a dragon. A strong flame of fire. His name is Ruby Ai from the right eye, and his real name is unknown.


CV: Sasamoto Natsue

Illustration: Katsuyuki Hirano

It is a pure, unmanned brigade of the Templars of Shogunate, loyal to the phoenix. Because of his decision to choose between means and methods, he is the object of fear of his subordinates. It's the best pleasure for her to harass a witch.

<용의 별 바르니르>It is currently in Korean, and information about the game and the situation of the Korean language will continue to be published sequentially. Other information can be found on the official Twitter and Facebook page on CFK.

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