Wednesday , September 23 2020

PS4 Grand Shin Sakura 』Grand Prix, trial version to be released on November 21


[smartPC사랑=임병선 기자] Publishing Now Korea(Representative: Ohashi Osamu)E 2019Year 12Month 12Days(Neck) To be released PS4 Dedicated software & # 39;Great War Shin Sakura"Is the main element of & # 39;Adventure"Wow & # 39;Action"Trial version for you to enjoy 11Month 21Days(Neck)From PS StoreHe said he would distribute.

This trial version consists of the adventure part and the combat part. It is a special specification exclusively for the trial version that selected the feature elements to convey the charm of the new big Sakura even for a short game..

The adventure part

In the adventure part the headquarters of the group of imperial firefighters & # 39;Great Imperial Theater" We can go around and enjoy the conversation and the event with the crew. Timed elections GLUEThe reaction and communication of the main characters, which are transformed by. Please note the expression and movement of delicate characters..

Battle part

In the combat part & # 39;An endless English fighter"You can enjoy the exciting action of defeating the enemies that appear one after the other by controlling the mech.. In this trial, the master of the Imperial fireman & # 39;Kamilama Sejuro"And the crew & # 39;Mohizuki Azami"You can play by changing planes.

The Kamiama aircraft can be widely defeated in a series of attacks, while the Azami planes have various means of attack, such as hitting the head and blowing in the air.. Let's enjoy the battlefield with portraits while enjoying different styles of fighting for each character..

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