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Provide a situation where the company violates the law on ax companies


Rapper AX is suing the US jewelry company
Business side "I do not deposit more than 40 million won claims"
Ilinder Record Rejects Claims, Court of Counsel

Ax / Photo = Joey Hughes Journalist

Ax / Photo = Joey Hughes Journalist

While the rapper's ax was accused of jewelry trauma, the ax agency, Illineer Records, refuted the company's claim and declared the court's reaction.

On the 15th, Entertainment Dispatch reported that A, a jewelry company in the United States, had filed for goods against Illini Records, whose ax is an internal director, at a southern district court in Seoul last month.

Company A said it was depositing money for jewelry such as axes and watches, with claims reaching about 40m won. Company A asked Ax to make a deposit, but insisted he would send $ 20,000 a month because there was no US income, but added that the promise did not last long.

In the afternoon the ax company said: “The ax procured $ 206,000 worth of precious metals from Company A, a jewelry company in California, USA on September 25, 2018. "We didn't pay $ 34,700, but it's related to a dispute in the United States."

The agency then said: "Aks's US lawyer provided a violation of California law during A's claim for debt repayment. Therefore, Ax's US lawyer will not pay the sum until the matter is resolved. "The US Axis legal representative inquired about the exact amount of debt (specific accounts) and the data on the purchased product to verify the facts of the amount on October 29, 2019. "We didn't respond at all."

"Ax temporarily suspended home activities due to health problems, including panic disorder, and moved to the United States after reorganizing his headquarters and all of Illyne Records' actions. Ax and Illair Records, Inc., deeply regret the fact that there are legal disputes, but we only want to withdraw our efforts to reconcile with A. We will take all civil and criminal action for you. "

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