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Professional golfer Michelle joins the "NBA legend" West Son –

Admission 2019.01.26 14:00

Michel Weie, 30, who plays on the American LPG Tour, is reportedly in talks with Jerry West, the legendary American basketball player.

Jerry West, who is the legendary American basketball player of the year, will join Michelle We (30) on January 25, 2019. / Instagram

Michelle Willie published a photo of her presentation with a social media man on June 25 and said: "I recently spent several days with my" ♥ "(love). I ordered a new club with a doctor's opinion."

"I did not know who is in the picture with Michelle, but now I know," said Jerry West's son, Johnny West. Johnny West is reportedly working for the NBA's Golden State Football Club.

Jerry West is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers from 1960 to 1974, and has achieved many achievements, including the 1969 MVP, the 1970's and the All-Star Star from 1972.

Michel Weie had four wins at the Women's Open Women's Championship in the 2014 LPGA Tour, but she suffered from pain in her left knee and left her ankle and was in a marsh from injuries due to sudden traffic accidents. In March last year, he won the World Cup in HSBC and aims to recover again.

"That means Michelle Willie has heard from a doctor that he can prepare for the season," the golf channel said.

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