Friday , January 15 2021

President Moon "A country resistant to crises"… The review of the budget for trillion 556 budget / news for YTN-YTN begins

  1. President Moon “A country that is strong in crisis” …News from YTN
  2. Record of the largest budget of 556 trillion won, “Given the medium and long-term fiscal soundness”Chosun Ilbo
  3. President Moon, today’s budget-corrective speech … Opposition party, “first absent”? / СБСSBS News
  4. Oo Ho-young “The possibility is small that he will not attend the speech of the municipality Parallel internal struggle and external struggle”Dong-A Ilbo
  5. President Moon’s speech at the National Assembly … Next year’s budget, etc. / JTBC in the morning &JTBC News
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