Thursday , September 24 2020

Park Yang-seo also wins in Vietnam United Arab Emirates… Closer to first World Cup final


Vietnam qualifies for the second round of qualifying
I am looking forward to the first qualifying round of the World Cup.

Vietnam at Park Yang Seo / Photo = Yonhap News (Vietnam football fans)

Vietnam at Park Yang Seo / Photo = Yonhap News (Vietnam football fans)

Vietnam's national football team, led by Park Jango-seo, did another miracle by destroying the United Arab Emirates.

The Vietnam national team won 4-0 in its fourth home match in Group 4 of the FIFA World Cup 2 qualifier against the UAE (United Arab Emirates) at the 14th Hanoi Midin National Stadium.

After beating Thailand and Malaysia in the first match, Vietnam defeated the United Arab Emirates, the strongest in the group, and secured its first place with four points unbeaten and 10 points to win (3 wins and 1 draw).

Park Yang-se, who re-signed last week in the Vietnam national team, ordered his first win since re-signing and became a hero in Vietnam. Instead of entering the finals of the World Cup, Vietnam, which has no experience in the Asian finals, moved closer to the World Cup.

UAE defender Khalifa al-Hamadi was fired after leveling with Tian Lin behind. In the 44th minute, Tian Lin fired a shot. Vietnam, which took the lead, ended up playing against the UAE, using the substitution card in the second half.

Meanwhile, Vietnam will play its fifth match against Thailand at the Mi Dean National Stadium on the 19th.

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