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'Parasite' appears in Cat issue … 'Women's Comfort Day'


Candidates are preparing for an exam at the Women 's Foreign Language School "Ehaha" in Jung Gu, Seoul on the 14th of 2020, University Mathematics Examination Day.

The College 2020 College Capability Test (CSAT), held on the 14th, raised the question of the bank's capital ratio in the Korean language. Many different questions were asked.

If you look at the only issues in this year's Cat Investigation area, the "parasite" has emerged in point 7 of the social and cultural field. The parasite won the Golden Palm Award for the first time in a Korean film at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

The question of the nature of social organization was presented by presenting a text about the film parasite, which reads: "The story of a family belonging to the poor was treated by associations of critics with laughter and sadness."

In addition, Question 9 of the same case concerned personal broadcasting on the Internet. The issue was to present the process and problems of internet broadcasting, which has become a trend in recent years and to select cultural features such as printouts.

Question 20 of the College Collective Ability Test, Area of ​​Social Studies, 2020. Presenting Film Parasites on Fingerprints and Making Judgments for Social Organizations © News1

In Korean compulsory 4th grade history, a compulsory subject, fingerprints related to the day of the Japanese comfort victim were used for questions. Question 17 presented the day of Kirim, which was brought to resolve the issue of comfort women in Japan, as well as examples of the exploitation of past Japanese occupations and choosing the right ones. The answer was "implementing rice".

Expert Test Area Question 4, Human Development, set the type of killing. The question was based on the theory of American love by American psychologist Stanburg. Theory analyzes that love is determined by the interaction of three elements: intimacy, passion and devotion.
The question is, "I love everything about him at first glance." "I feel warm when I think about him (her)." The question is to analyze what love is all about. In the question unknown concepts emerged, and the respondents struggled. This issue combines the social and economic sectors and deals with the BIS ratio (the minimum capital required to maintain the bank's financial stability). The problem was that knowledge of the economy was difficult, critics of entrance exam companies and teachers said.

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'Parasite' appears in Cat issue ... 'Women's Comfort Day'
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