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Opal generation, exercise efficiency with healthy functional foods


[로이슈 편도욱 기자] Recently, the opal generation is emerging as a new consumer group. The opal generation refers to the 5060 generations (OPAL: Old People with Active Lives) who enjoy the free time of a 58-year-old baby boom.

Health care is essential if you are a generation of opal that prepares you for good aging while leading a life without age. Herbalife's nutrition coach said: “When you practice health care, stability is important. In particular, it is better for generations of opal to create an environment where they can enjoy long-term exercise by visiting local communities rather than suddenly over-exercising. "" Exercises together can inspire each other's will. It is a great help to a healthy and energetic lifestyle, as it gives you daily vitality and pleasure. “

As the number of middle-aged and older athletes increases, we are introducing customized opal-tailored health food that can reduce the risk of injury and improve exercise efficiency.

◈ Easily supplement with powder without worrying about diet and protein that help with muscle weakness and immunity

Protein is a nutrient that is the basis of physical activity as well as building and maintaining muscle. In particular, if your muscle strength is weak and your immunity begins to decline, 5060 should have enough protein. If you have trouble collecting enough protein in a well-balanced diet, such as any meat, egg or tofu, try protein powder. Generation 5060 recognizes the importance of health care and takes care of their nutrition. If you use protein powder, you can easily consume protein without worrying about excessive calories and sodium.

Herbalife Personal Powder Protein Formula 3 is a powdered form that can easily supplement proteins that are difficult to consume enough for daily meals. You can consume 10g of protein once in your favorite beverage or milk. In particular, it is perfect to soothe hunger after breakfast or exercise, which is difficult to eat properly. Kim John King, sponsored by Korea Herbalife as the official nutrition sponsor and captain of the European Volleyball League for the first time in Asia, is a favorite product.

Реба It should be used in conjunction with healthy functional foods that promote joint health rather than overwork.

Exercising daily in the cold winter does not have to make your body healthy, and if you do not warm up enough, you can easily hurt your muscles or joints. If you have a bad wrist, the opal generation is meant to stay stable and try to combine diet with regular joints.

Joint Entry Keeper Healthy Living is a dietary supplement for joint health and cartilage. Contains 1,000 mg of N-acetylglucosamine, which is the maximum daily intake that can help joint and cartilage health, and contains Vitamin D and selenium to protect cells against harmful oxygen. It is easy to manage joint health by taking once daily.

Quandong Pharm's "throat joint" is a product consisting of "pouch joints" in the form of a liquid pouch and "joint pain control" in the form of tablets. Joint pain relief is based on turmeric extract, which is recognized as a functional ingredient that can help with joint health. Joint pain relief is a key ingredient in dietary sulfur (MSM), the collagen material that makes cartilage and ligament tissue of the joints to help joint health.

◈ We also offer a variety of customized health functional fitness food and opal generation immunity.

If you feel tired during exercise, you can manage your fitness and immunity with healthy foods that can add vitality to your routine. Recently, the oldest health-functional foods, divided into age groups and sexes, have been released for the elderly to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Korea's Gold V Food Program "Yakult" is a one-day high health program. Contains 15 varieties of vitamins and minerals derived from quinoa to generate vital energy, and contains omega-3s, which can help improve blood triglycerides and ginkgo biloba extract, which can help improve memory. It adds vitality.

CJ CheilJedang introduces "Return Fermentation Plus Vitamin 40" for about 40 years of age and "Return Fermentation Plus Vitamin 65" for about 65 years old. "Restoration Fermentation Plus Vitamin 40" contains 10 types of essential nutrient vitamins, vitamin D balance to maintain bone density, and iron to boost vitality. Vitamin B12 for metabolizing folic acid and manganese to boost metabolism are added to help nourish older adults.

Healthy functional food brand Spice also has a comprehensive vitamin composition for 5060 men and women. SPAC Poseidon for Men and SPAC Demeter for Women for 50 years developed MSM (Dimethylsulfone) for Common Health, SPAC Zeus for Men and SPAF For Women Contains red ginseng extract to boost immunity, so you can take it.

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