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'Oh Sean Multi-goal' Kim Jacques Beom, Bahrain 3-0 Dubai Cup 2 consecutive wins


Kim Dae Won's last wedge Goalkeeper Jürg Ha-Wong scored a goal after losing to PK.

Oh All-Hun with extra goals

Oh All-Hun with extra goals(Dubai = Yonap News) Reporter Kim ooo-sung = O Se-Jun scored an extra goal after a match in Bahrain in Korea in the rematch of the 2019 Dubai Olympic Cup friendly at the Shabab Al-Jali Stadium in Dubai. United Arab Emirates. I'm happy with the players after you inserted it. 2019.11.15

(Dubai = Yonap News) Reporter An Jong-suk = The 22-year-old South Korean national football team (U-22) made two consecutive wins in the 2019 Dubai Cup Friendship Tournament.

Kim Huck-boom led the team in goal in the second half and 11 minutes into the second half and 11 minutes into the second leg of the friendly match at the 2019 Dubai Cup at the Shabab Al-Jali Stadium in Dubai, Obe. United Arab Emirates. And the extra time in the second half, Kim Dae-won (Daegu) recorded a 3-0 victory.

In the first match against Saudi Arabia on the 13th, the team which won 2-0 by Lee Dong-oonun (Busan) and Ho Chi-sung (Annang) recorded a two-match win.

On the other hand, Bahrain, which lost 1-2 to Jordan, lost twice.

In addition to Korea, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Jordan and the Syrian U-22 teams will also take part in the competition. All eight countries will also play in the 2020 World Cup qualifiers in Tokyo and play in the U-23 Asian Football Federation (AF) championships in Thailand next January.

The Korean team will play against Iraq on the 17th and the UAE on the 19th.

Jung Woo-young is fighting hard

Jung Woo-young is fighting hard(Dubai = Yonap News) Reporter Kim oo-sung fights defender in a match against Korea Republic in Bahrain in the second match of the 2019 Dubai Cup Olympics at the Habab al-Jali Emirati Stadium in Dubai. It happens. 2019.11.15

In the Dubai Cup four matches must be played every two days, coach Kim Jacques-Boom said he would call on 26 teams to double the team. In the starting lineup for Bahrain on the day, both the Saudis and the first runners went missing.

The team started off with a 4-2-3-1 lineup.

At the forefront was Oh Se-Hun, the FIFA U-20 World Cup vice-champion leader in Poland this year.

The second round was supported by Jeong Seon-jin (Suwon), Kim Jin-jin (Busan) and Jung Woo-young (Freiburg).

In midfield, Kim Dong-hyun (Seongnam) coincided with the breath of Baek Seung-ho (Darmstadt), who also played for the A's.

The four bags were packed with left and right full backs Kang Chun-sung (yeeju), Chun Yong-gyu (Seoul), center of Kim Tae-hyun (Daeon) and Jung Tae-wook (Daegu).

The goal was held by Zhur Awavong (Shaanxi National University).

A mid-range shot blows Baek Seung-ho

A mid-range shot blows Baek Seung-ho(Dubai = Yonap News) Reporter Kim Ooo-sung shoots a midfielder from South Korea against Bahrain in the second match of the 2019 Dubai Olympic Cup friendly at the Shabab Al-Jubi Obei Oueyi Stadium in Dubai Emirates. 2019.11.15

The team had several chances to score against the opponents in the first half. However, even though the door was well-connected, I couldn't finish the first half without scoring a goal.

Non-stop non-stop Non-stop Jeonong Wu-Yang's right-footed shot after Jeon Seine's right-footed shot in the 7th minute and Oh Se-Chun's right-footed shot missed by Yoon Jong-ku in the 10th minute missed the goal. .

In the 34th minute, Chun Jong-ki broke through on the right side of the ball and O Se-Jun turned his head to the right of the goal, but a little over the bar.

A minute later, even Baek Seung-ho's shot hit the left foot of the penalty spot missed the goal.

Instead, the extra time in the first half allowed our side to make a crucial header for Saeed Hassim, but luckily he was removed from the net.

Oh All-Hun & # 39; Extra Bone I & # 39;

Oh All-Hun & # 39; Extra Bone I & # 39;(Dubai = Yonap News) Reporter Kim ooo-sung = O Se-Jun scored a multi-goal in the second match of the Republic Republic against Bahrain in the 2nd round of the 2019 Dubai Cup at the friendly Shabab Alhali Stadium. "In Dubai, UAE. 2019.11.15

As he started in the second half, Jung Woo-young's left-footed shot was saved, but his painful mistake didn't last long.

In the second half, Bahrain goalkeeper Amar Abbas slid into the penalty area and slipped in and Kim Jain-gyu raced to the penalty spot as he accelerated. O Se-Jun calmly sent the ball to the empty goal.

The national team, which achieved the lead with happiness, pushed Bahrain even harder.

Despite not leading to a goal, there were menacing shots, including Kim Gin-guu's right-footed shot in the second eight minutes, and Oh Se-Jun's shot following Baek Seung-ho's cross in the second ten minutes.

Eventually, he ran another 11 minutes later. O Se-Jun drew a ball to the left of the goal as Kim Jimin-gy dug in the left side of the box.

Kim Hak-beom directs the defense

Kim Hak-beom directs the defense(Dubai = Yonap News) Reporter Kim ooo-sung = Kim Huck-Beam 22-year-old (U-22) coach of the Korea Republic vs Korea Republic 2 nd match of the 2019 Dubai Cup Olympics held at the Shabab Al-Jali Stadium in Dubai, UAE He instructs defenders in Bahrain. 2019.11.15

Kim struck out Kim Dae-won, Won Doo-ye (Abispa Fukuoka) and Joe Young-wok (Seoul), except for Jung Woo-young, Baek Seung-ho and Oneon Se-jinin in the late 18 minutes.

A free-kick by O Se-Jun on the right in the second 24 minutes allowed Kim Dae to face the goalkeeper in front of the crossbar, but his right foot hit the goalkeeper's foot.

In the 32nd minute, goalkeeper Jour Jaou-Wong scored a no-nonsense goal by blocking a Bahraini penalty shootout Salete Al Ashivan.

Center defender Kim Tae Hyun was hit by a body attempting to evade a shot from Bahrain, and the referee at the end of the video reading (VAR) called for a handball foul and declared a penalty. But Shah Jaa-Wong read exactly what the opposing shot wanted.

The Korean team included Kim Jin-jin (Incheon) and Lee Yu-hyun (ononam), who were selected to play in the Saudi Arabian war, with the exception of left and right fullbacks Kang Chun-sung and Chun Jong-kyu.

In the second half, Kim Dae-won scored a right-footed shot near the penalty spot.

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