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Neuralgia-on-board daily is served with shingles and plants

Tae Chun Lee president of anesthesiology and pain medicine
Tae Chun Lee president of anesthesiology and pain medicine

One of the diseases caused by immunity is shingles. If you have shingles, you will experience worse pain than blisters. Let's find out about shingles with the help of anesthesiologist Lee Tae-hoon.

Ш What is shingles

Herpes zoster is a local infection that is reactivated in a person who is already latently infected with the measles virus. This is the band name given to herpes.

△ diagnosis.

According to the distribution of the perceptual nerve, one-sided bullous rash appears and pain occurs 4-5 days in advance. It can appear without.

Herpes is usually most common between the ages of 40 and 60, and more than 60 years is more likely to develop post-herpetic neuralgia.

The most common sites are the optic nerve and the thoracic spinal ganglion of the peripheral trigeminal nerve.

The average duration of the rash is 2-3 weeks, the herpes will improve naturally, but antiviral drugs should be administered within 3 days of the herpes prognosis.

△ What is shingle neuralgia

In general, when the herpes improves and the pain disappears, there is happiness, but if the pain persists after 1 month of healing, the pain is defined as neuralgia and it is best to prevent the transition to neuralgia.

The transition to neuralgia may require continuous pain relief and pain control so early treatment can minimize the transition to neuralgia. Elderly people are more likely to switch to neuralgia or patients with poor immunity. Particular attention should be paid to those with malignant tumors or poor general condition.

△ treatment

Initially, antiviral medications are taken for a week, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be effective for mild shingle pain, but severe pain is difficult to control with analgesics. A sympathetic nerve block using local anesthetics is the most effective and fastest and most reliable method of acute pain causing sleep disturbances.

In neuralgia, treatment is a symptom relief rather than a cure and should be controlled as a chronic illness. The sooner the neuralgia treatment begins, the more effective it is. Fats and pastes are applied topically.

△ Prevention

Nowadays, tile vaccines have been developed and inoculated, and the incidence of male and female coefficients is the same, but the transition to neuralgia is slightly greater in men than in women. According to recent work, the incidence rate is 3.6 times higher in the case of family history, and in the case of at least one parent, vaccination is recommended for adults over 50 years. The preventive effect was 70% in the 50s and 51% in the 60s, and the effective rate for shingle neuralgia was about 39%.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension can also be inoculated, and patients with immunosuppressive therapy may be inoculated at least two weeks before initiation.

If you are taking antiviral medication chronically, you should stop taking the medicine at least one day before vaccination and do not take it for at least two weeks after vaccination.

Immunization is a subcutaneous injection once in a lifetime, and improved herpes vaccination is recommended for vaccination from 6 months to 1 year after herpes.

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