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Myth Kim Dong-dan "Great planners recommend psychotropic drugs to heal the idol's mind"

Entry 2019.10.15 16:41
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Jinghwa group member Kim Dong-van, 39, pours his bitter and bitter voice on celebrities who rely on antidepressants and the big agencies they recommend or nurture. The backdrop of the extreme choice made by singer and actor Sully (real name Joey Jin-ri and 25) the previous day is believed to be attributed to depression.

Kim Dong Van / Kosun DB
Kim Dong Van / Kosun DB

Kim Dong-wang posted a long article on his Instagram SNS (Social Media) with a video from the night sky.

In the article, Kim Dong-Wan said: "More media and more entertainers are forcing each other." “I opened my mouth to the reality of the world of entertainment.

"Many juniors are thinking about how much heart disease will work for the sweetness of money and the name," he said. Wrote

Kim Dong-wan said: "We must not neglect that large companies can host contagious diseases that can spread without contact."

The following is the full post on Instagram

If athletes are injured by ligaments, most cases will withstand failures and will be recommended for surgery, even in cases where recovery or rehabilitation is possible. Because the injury treatment period is also included in the contract period.

As more media and more entertainers are created, they are increasingly forced on each other. There are many adults who want to show healthy and bright smiles, even when their young friends cannot eat well or sleep comfortably. You want to be sexy, but not have sex, tough, but not fight anyone.

Many juniors are thinking about how heart disease will work for the sweetness of money and the name.

Numerous papers and reports tell us how psychotropic drugs are "easy and quick" and how many "side effects and extensions" they have. You no longer have to call the medicines for your own needs or for a quick fix. It should not be overlooked that the ease of dealing with large agencies can host non-contact infectious diseases.

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