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Moon reaches "10 -10" in no time at all for illusion / CBS News (News)

Jeonbuk, Mun Soon Min, a professional footballer, scored two goals and assists adding one goal and one assist.
Ononbuk, which won Moon's brilliant performance, continued its fierce competition with Ulsan.
Journalist Park Dream-Wu
In the 12th minute, Moon Sonmin helped the final goal with a stunning break through to Lopez.
Moon Seon-min, the King of Aid, filled in the two-digit number.
In the second half, he flew to the left, dropped Pohang's defense and then knocked.
As usual, a cold ball was inserted in the corner of the goal, and older brother Lee Dong-gook celebrated over the 10th goal by knocking on Moon's forehead.
Ononbuk, who scored 1 goal and 1 Kwon assist, continued the championship game by beating Pohang 3-0.
[문선민/전북 : “공격수는 페널티박스 안에서 슛을 해야 한다는 생각에 (습관처럼) 접지 않고 슈팅을 때렸습니다.”]Ulsan took the lead in the 22nd minute of the first half, but could not stop Sejia's fantastic goal in the third minute.
After a fierce speed match, Ulsan delivered his Kim Bo-Kyung kick in the final goal in the 35th minute.
Kangun scored a 3-2 victory in Seoul with a theatrical goal of Lee Hyun-shek in the second half.
The Guangzhou K-League was promoted to the first division three years after winning the championship.
This is Park Sun-woo, KBS News.

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