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Local media have cited the Texas Rangers as one of Ryu's 32-year-old free agents.

Texas is the venue for Korea's major-league team Juo Yu, 37. Hu is also the leader of the Texas Club in Texas. summed up Ryu Hyunjin's 19th move as "Timeline" and made the show Zhou Jin-Soo. said: "Ryu Hyun-jinin, who raised an average ERA of 2.32, the best of the big leagues this year with a record of 14-5, is currently a free agent. He introduces the rumors around him: "Texas is known to have recently been interested in recruiting Ryu Hyun-jin. Huo's playing in Texas could have a good impact on the recruiting of Ryu Hyunjin.

Huo Yin-Soo recently announced that he appeared on the US Citizens Broadcasting and asked him to recruit Ryu Hyun-jinin at a club in Texas, seeking a starting pitcher.

Ryu Hyun-jin interviewed domestic reporters at Incheon International Airport on October 14, saying: "Thank you. It looks like it's special for Korean players to play in the same team. " said Ryu Hyun-jinin said: "Texas is ready for the new stadium season in 2020. Starting cattle and the third bassman is a non-seasonal task. “There is.

Many US local media have already analyzed that "Texas' real goal is to recruit Ryu Hyun-jinin. Gareth Kall (FA pitcher) is not easy to win.

Texas has already recruited Korean FAs, such as Park Han-ho and Huo Yin-tao. Although rated as a "failed investment", expectations for Ryu may vary.

Huo Jin-su, who is also acquainted with Ryu Hyun-jin, could play in a new team.

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