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Marvel the Superhero's father was left.


Stanley Marble enters the Honorary Chairman

Stanley (in the center) with actors starring in the NBC television movie "Incredible Hulk Returns" (1988). Thor (left) and Hulk are also characters that he created. AP messages

There were many superheroes at the beginning. Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, X-Men, Thor and so on. The hero "bears great responsibility for great power" (Spider-Man) gave enlightenment and confirmed to its readers and viewers that the hero's defects can be fascinating.

Honorary chairman of Marvel Entertainment Stanley Lee (born Stanley Martin River) was opened on December 12 (local time). He is 96 years old.

Born in a Romanian Jewish family in 1922, at the age of seventeen, he began his career as the editor-in-chief of the Timelycomics cartoon company, the predecessor of Marvel Comics, and expanded his role as a writer and editor. It was in 1960 that he started his career seriously. Lee has created a superhero who can compete with DC comics, such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other cartoonists such as Jack Kirby. Beginning with the Fantastic 4 version, superheroes like Spiderman, Hulk and Iron Man were created at that time. In contrast to the mild and solemn nature of DC, Marvel is considered a character full of humor and full of diversity.

He was the editor-in-chief of Marble Comics and president of Marble Entertainment, and in the 1970s he defended freedom of expression by facing censorship regulations in the American Cartoon Magazine Association. But earlier this year she was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior towards women.

After retiring from the first line since the 1980s, he was the editor and honorary chairman of Marvel Comics, and was responsible for the production of the original Marvel Comics movie. The deceased showed his love for his work, appearing as a cameo in over 40 marble films. Avengers 4, which will be released next year, also appeared in the performances of cameramen.

Much was said about Lee's death. Kevin Fayy, president of Marble Studios, said: "No one had more influence than Stanley, he left a huge legacy that surpasses us all." Robert Downey Jr. from Iron Man, Hugh Jackman from Wolverine from X-Men and Chris Evans from Captain America have also posted on their account on social media. After Lee's death, his official twitter account published the phrase "1922 ~ 2018 Excelsior!" "Excelsior" means that the deceased often used the term "above".

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