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Mamamou is among the top five iTunes album charts

The girl group Mamamu is spreading the charm of "Jeep" outside Korea.

Mamamou is among the top five iTunes album charts
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Mamuu's second full album "BLACK Reality", released on the 14th, received an explosive response by being on the top 5 iTunes albums in 18 regions including Cambodia, Hong Kong, Moldova, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Vietnam. . There are.

In addition, the title track H HIP 'has also proved its strong global impact by demonstrating the strength of' Meli Mum ', which is expanding overseas by entering the top 5 iTunes song charts in nine countries, including Belarus, Cambodia, Peru and Taiwan.

As such, Mamamou has occupied the biggest domestic main music charts with her new song "Jeep", and has also taken overseas, revealing her dignity as a global girl band representing K-pop.

Mamamou's regular Black Reality album is made up of 11 songs from different genres, so you can feel the wide range of Mamamou's music as well as capture the band's unique identity. They boast

The new song "Jeep" is a song that maximizes Mamammu's unique charm that fashion that is aware of the eyes of others is not a real "Jeep" and that beauty naturally follows when you care and care for you.

Mamamou's hip-hop performance adds to the addictive melody of the battle that overcomes it, capturing the unique charm of the four Swag-filled "Hip Girls."

Meanwhile, Mamamu is making a comeback with the debut of the new song "HIP" on KBS 2TV 'Music Bank' today (15th).

By Kim ooo-hee, staff reporter sestar@sedaily.com

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