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LG seeks to destroy UK organizational evidence … 'early loss'

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[앵커]The battery war between LG Chem and SK Innovation is on the rise.

SK tried to announce the deal ten years ago, but this time LG confirmed that SK's evidence had been destroyed.

IK Innovation has said it will not respond to public opinion to create a favorable outcome in litigation.

Journalist Lee Jii-eun.

[기자]This is an email from SK Innovation, published by LG Chem.

We ask you to remove all competitor data as soon as possible.

In particular, SK Innovation's US business battery subsidiary may contain computer censorship and seizure.

See also a message asking you to delete the message after the action.

This email was created on April 30th.

The day after LG Chem submitted innovations in the UK to the US International Trade Commission and ITC for breach of trade secrets by removing the workforce.

LG Chem claims that widespread destruction of evidence by SK Innovation was discovered based on data established during the "evidence initiation".

After proof of the content of the lawsuit, SK Innovations ordered officials to delete it, saying that more than 30,000 LG files and chemical-mailing lists were found in the Excel sheet.

LG Chem has asked the ITC to rule on "early loss" or the use of trade secrets because SK Innovation destroyed the evidence and failed to comply with the court order.

However, SK Innovation has objected that LG Chem is trying to make the lawsuit favorable to public opinion, and it is true and true to LG Chem.

CTN Lee Eu Eun[]E

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