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Lee Munchee, "Reminds Sihoonhon Tour" comes from "Thank you, Monsieur"


Lee Mun-see has released an episode with a couple and his wife. Photo / SBS "Miu Bir"

[트래블바이크뉴스=온라인뉴스팀] Lee Mun-seo gave an episode of interview with work and management.

Lee Mun-se was the guest of SBS "Ugly We Kid", which was broadcast on November 11 and watched the route "Lima Lind Sihonhon" prepared by Kim Gun-mo for a business trip of the couple.

Kim Gun-mo went on a trip to Tsushima with his close friends Na-Yeon Yeon, Lee Eui-Song and Tae-Jin Ah. Kim Gun-mo said: "We have prepared a tsukonhon trip for warships and bombers."

"I had a deep meaning, that means I'm going back to my honeymoon, good job, I'm so happy." Then: "They both are making a honeymoon, so please keep going," he said. It was a look that I did not hate when I said, "What a honeymoon."

In contrast to the excitement of work and management, Lee was tired of seasickness. Unlike Lee Seong Song, who suffered from seasickness, Nodyeon showed a different look, including Kim's food.

Lee Moon-seong remembered the past by watching "Lee Sang-Song" Photo / SBS "Miu Bir"

When I watched the "Soulhunter" tour, MC asked Lee Munchee & "39:" What did you say when you said you married Lee? " Lee said, "Thank you so much, Monsong."

A 30-year-old married couple, Lee Moon-seo, says: "When you have a concert or a concert, you have to hug and match the ball." Lee Munchee was moved for years. I often kissed, but the fortress goes to the ball. "

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