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King-Nan indicted on charges of "History and Olympic Corruption"

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[앵커]Nak-Won Na, a Liberal-Korean party official, was charged yesterday with civic groups for suspected preferential admission of his daughter to college and alleged involvement in private studies.

I insisted that a university professor who was a candidate for the daughter's entrance exam was appointed artistic director of the Special Olympics in Pyongyang and that the private foundation was used for the family at a low cost.

Reporter onon oonon-jung reports.

[기자]This is the opening ceremony of the 2013 Special Olympics in Pyongyang.

The leader of the Liberal-Korean Party, Na-Kyung-won, chaired the organizing committee.

[나경원 / 평창 스페셜올림픽 조직위원장 (지난 2013년) : 이제 장애인과 비장애인이 함께하는 세상 우리 함께 만들어 가주십시오. Together we can!]

Lee Byung-woo, a former professor at the Shangin University of Women, was appointed director of the opening and closing ceremonies.

NGOs have insisted that Na is influential in the process of appointing former Professor Lee as art director.

The former professor suspected that his daughter was giving preference to a college entrance exam, and he sued the bribe prosecutor.

[김남국 / 변호사 : (나경원 원내대표가) 단순하게 지시만 한 게 아니라 이메일 등을 통해서 구체적으로 사전에 경쟁 입찰과 관련된 유리한 구체적인 정보까지 다 전달했다는….]

I have denied the allegations, saying the proceedings are in line with the proceedings.

[나경원 / 자유한국당 원내대표 : 발달장애인들을 위해서 한 저의 모든 노력을 폄훼 하는 데 대해서 정말 제가 분노한다는 말씀을 드립니다.]

NGOs also filed complaints with the prosecution of corruption charges related to the Fongshin Academy, run by a family member.

He claims he rented his property in Hull for use as a kindergarten run by his sister.

[김남국 / 변호사 : (시세보다) 무려 75%나 싼 가격에 굉장히 오랜 기간, 거의 수십 년간 싸게 임대를 줬다는 게 고발의 핵심입니다.]

On four occasions, he has been charged with prosecution in connection with the suspected adoption of children, and the prosecution only recently launched a full investigation.

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