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Kim Mu-sung hot confession "In 2016 there was a killer Saenuri, saw 40 people"


Kim Mu-sung, a member of the Liberal-Korean Party, is a spiritual passion politician. During his sixth election as a member of the JS politics (former President Kim Jang-sem), he was the birth leader of President Park Geun-hye (CEO of Senior General, 2012) and served as leader of the ruling party (Saenuri party). ) (2014-16). As a representative, he was the promising next runner to compete with incumbent President Moon Aeen.
But in April 2016, his support rating dropped as the unprecedented nominal conflict between Buck-Buck ended ahead of the general election. The so-called "Ock-Swag Wave", which provoked a party official to bounce without nominations, left him deeply damaged. The following year, when Joey's soon-to-be Gate was blown up, the chaotic road he took was an impeachment of the president. Finally, he crossed the Rubicon River with Park.
Mr Kim plays a dominant role in political life in integrating the conservative opposition into impeachment. The purpose of the interview with former CEO Kim 1 was to hear about his conservative integration. During the interview, Kim said, "I'm not talking about it today, but let's get married." In 2016, the Junguk basin.

# The killers are actually … Kim Mu-sung admitted for the first time

"The killer, that's true. I saw the list. "

This is what Kim said for the first time. The killers are lists of nominees. On February 25, 2016, the existence of the Saenuri party assassin was exposed on the surface, causing Cheyido to turn over. Rumors emerged when lawmakers told them they had been told by Kim Mu-sung at the time that Jung Doo-eon (small) had written about 40 illegal lawmakers, including Lee Aee-oh, Huo Seung-min and Jung Doo-eon. But at the time, Kim had gathered that fact. The truth of the game was also played with Congressman Jung Doo-eon.

On February 29, 2016, Mu-sung Kim's representative to the Supreme Committee of the Saenuri Party

On February 29, 2016, in the Supreme Committee of the Saenuri Party, Kim Mu-sung's representative said, "There is no fate to the killer." [중앙포토]

-This is the first time killers are true.
“Yes. Jin Dong-sheol was a kid in the Blue House. She is Jin Dong-sheol and has a brother A. (In Saenuri's party) I know that. And he told Jin Dong-sheol and showed me the list. 40 people. I saw that. "

– The list went through a lot.
"It is different from what is known. Jin Dong-sheol's expression when he saw the killer is, "They're really bad guys." "This Baby" made a list of 40 people. Jung Doo-eon and Kim Jong-un were also involved, but also included Ho Chae-won and Lee In-Lee. Dedicated to Park Gun-hee, it was rumored that even one person cuts all the bad guys. I told them to make an innovative nomination that would cut them. "
– I'm shocked that the killer wasn't just a ghost story.
"I tried to 'down and down, what a killer, who are you going to kill?' "I accidentally met Jung Doo at the National Assembly on the day I saw the killer. "To see you," he said, sitting in the back of the main hall, they said they would kill 40 people when they were nominated, and your name is there. But don't worry I'm going down to the bottom, but I'm not going to pull it back. I was talking to you, but Jung Doo-eon immediately told the press. At that time I had to deny it. I was so shocked to hide it. "

– Who made the killer?

"I don't know that. But who did it in the Blue House? “

The murderous part is a historical word. One person who took the name of the person to be saved and the person to be killed on paper during 'Eyeyugan' during Joseon's end wrote down the name of the person to be killed, compared the person with the list instead of going to jail, and giving instructions to the samurai. It comes from taking one's life. It's a death note. Since the death note appeared in Judo in February 2016, I wonder if it's called "Beyongsin Jung-nan."

# Why did Hyun-Schwan come on stage?

Kim introduced another unknown story shortly before.
“Higher President Hyun Keywan, the Blue House, came to me before February 2016. In words, (President Park Geun-hee at the time) was called "alma mater," "alma retirement" and should not be a sponsor. Elsewhere (as Kim said), downstairs, and hand the TC over to Grandma. & # 39; So he said no. (The former ex-chief) came again and said: & # 39; Please give me only Daegu (12 seats in total). & # 39; He said no. (Coming a third time), "Please, just give me Joo Seung-min and his party." There were eight people. It also says "No". This is the beginning of the nomination conflict. If I then signed, I would plant half of the proportional representative. But I didn't. “
"The tragedy started then," he added.

After former CEO Kim rejected the TC nomination concession, Lee Han-gu, the nominee's core president, was appointed (February 2016). In addition, people called "discriminatory friends" went to TC and maintained "true loyal marketing". After a while, it blew a murderous wave. Controversy over the homicide department was incubated at the time, denied by former President Kim, but looking back, Mr Yu-bak (named MP Joo Seung-min, escort members and MP Lee Ja-oh) was not nominated in the Lee Han system. – yes. The killer was a scene telling why a killer. A rare "jade wave" erupted in the process.
-Why did you go down to Busan with a stamp?
"I'm Agoya. I have nothing to carry with me. The seal was in the party vault. "

– Why did you say that?

“(Friend) wrote fake news. (Rejecting Hyun's suggestion) Lee Yan-gu's job was that he could not nominate a party leader. I just passed, even if Lee Han-gu started the nomination, but the last six seats (Lee aee-oh and Huo Seung-min) are clearly unfair, so I couldn't vote for the highest committee. The highest invitations were within me, so that was the only power I could hold. If I do not have an appointment, I cannot be nominated. What should I run away with? The election was crushed by former President Park Geun-hee, sending Lee Chan-gu to tear down the plate. "

– Of course, Kim suffered a great deal of damage because of the tide of jade.

"My support rating was even ahead of Ban Ki-moon. The drug case of my brother-in-law did not go down. But it was said that I wore it. I'm upset If I went to the bottom I suggested in the general election, there would be 180 seats. When Moon and Ann parted. Then we did not part with the nomination. Moon Aee-in's ruling was not an impeachment of Park Geun-ha, but a nomination.
In 2016, the 4th year of the Park Geon-hei administration is so important. This is because it is the beginning of making today's political terrain.
Kim said: "A divided party must unite before the election. To emphasize that integration is the best value, we took the painful partitioning memory. "

Jeeong-soo Jung, the president of the Blue House, Hyun Ki-hwan, visited Kim Mu-seon, the new CEO. [중앙포토]

Jeeong-soo Jung, the president of the Blue House, Hyun Ki-hwan, visited Kim Mu-seon, the new CEO. [중앙포토]

#I sent the emissaries to Ban Ki-moon to have a real party

To make matters worse, the passport that crossed the bridge that could not be returned internally was blown up. Joey was soon a state agricultural affair. Passengers forced to impeach President Park Gyun-hee in 2017, including former President Kim and MP Zhou Seung-min, walked out of the Saenuri party in the presidential election.
– Why did you choose a drop of sugar.

"Why did one person make a real party?" Wasn't it just Ban Ki-moon to try Moon Aee-in? However, there is a report that President Park Geun-hee, the first member of the party, will not run away. Ban Ki-moon enters the party where Park Gyun stops. So he had a real party. "

-You sympathized with the former UN Secretary General.

"When Ban Ki-moon was in America, I sent an envoy. I'm a university professor (in politics) who I don't even know. I'm a relative and I know Ban Ki-moon. Emissary will go to the end. You can clear Gul Sul-Soo. "I can clean it up and go to the end." That is why the founding of Bardang happened. If Ban Ki-moon came and immediately joined the Barun party, the Saenuri party would have collapsed and the government would have been balanced. At that time, dozens of people noticed and waited. I was thinking of the party. Min Han Party (1985) Fallen? While representing Ho Chun-hing, he went to the New Democratic Party and lost five. Would have been so. By the way, Ban Ki-moon (took time off right) and retired in 20 days. It costs 20 million won every day. Since Ban Ki-moon did not declare escape, he told reporters: "Nobody cares about politics. I'm sorry for the only one, President Kim Mu-sung. "That's because it happened.

# Biongdo, Kang Ki-jung

He joined President Moon Aeen and party leader for a year and ten months. There are also several anecdotes he encountered.

– Did you know Moon from the beginning?
"It's not, but it's profound. I'm younger than my yeiyong, and my hometown is my constituency (Young-Busan). President Moon lived in Jojo and lived with his mother (Mr. Kang, Ok-ok) until he was seven years old. I often met when I was representing the party. We met at the event three times a day. I was very careful because I was the ruling party. At the event, I gave up the greeting card, "If you're busy, go first" and at a meeting in Gyeongnam High School, you first called me to the dance floor, "Let's Go Together." Well, I made many very beautiful pictures. (Laughs) "

Kim was the only daughter of the former politician, Moon's second daughter, Jones.

"I firmly told the hotel bodyguards not to enter, but when the Moon ae-in (sign of fame) arrived, the hotel bodyguard was surprised and` no 'pierced. (Laughter) I didn't tell my secretaries, how did you know? They're Moon Jaen, so I can't dare block it, just open the door and go inside. What to do, please. There are a lot of people in my home in Gyeongnam High School in my house. A few openings, a few openings, goodbye and goodbye. At that time, I saw Moon aee-in as a good and beautiful person. Humble But Park didn't do that before he became president, but he became president. The moon too. "

– What's the point?

Last year, Han Byung-jung also met with Jung Muu once. "I want to hear my opinion," he says. "There is a situation. Would you like to go to President Moon and tell me what I'm talking about, ancient? . I met her because I told her to do it. As we eat, De-Vignon surpasses common sense. Just drop the mark, make a statement stopping. The same is true for Suzhou Province (revenue growth). If that is the case, the support rate will increase. & # 39; However, the atmosphere did not dare to say so. Politics is a compromise. I have to transform from time to time. Moon never changed anything. I see my country. "

– Kang Gii-jung to the main Suzhou, debating above all.

"This was the most important story. Oh, raising the minimum wage is also nonsense. How can you raise 30% in two years? “

What did Kang say?

"OK, I'm worried, okay …"

    In addition, Moon Aee-in, Democratic Party official and Kim Mu-sung, Saenuri's party, are speaking at a 2016 New Year's Eve small business meeting. [청와대사진기자단]

In addition, Moon Aee-in, Democratic Party official and Kim Mu-sung, Saenuri's party, are speaking at a 2016 New Year's Eve small business meeting. [청와대사진기자단]

# "President Moon aee-in will pardon Park Geun-hye"

He said he met Moon Aee-in in a mall in 2017.

"The president would almost have been. I sat in front of me outside the mall. When I become president, change the structure of imperial power. Park Gyun-hee, I'm not a person to deny. Who knows this as I do? But is there anything unexpected in the structure of the imperial presidency? Hyun Gul also intervened on staff, but he was never a man to deny. At the time, Attorney General Kim Ki-su said he could not keep it. JS told you to refrain. At that time, President Kim Qui asked me to see me. I got on the elevator by the Attorney General's office, where Kim said: & # 39; You called 4 times today. To refrain. Maybe you like it? & # 39; However, that's why the lights are out. That's politics. "

-Rak reaction of the candidate Me aee-in.

"I think the system is a problem. No matter who gets the president, it's true, "he said." I don't think so. People are a problem. I'm not doing it. " Yes, I will say: “No matter how good you try, there will be a major disaster in three years. I'll see you & # 39;

What did Moon say?
“I just listened. Look, but Motherland broke?

In this passage, he heard a unique analogy, saying, "There is no good power in the east and in the west." In his strong calf he explained the physiology of power.

"I know it's because I'm raising cattle," he said, and when several calves came out the same day, a powerful man was screaming in the sky (couldn't help it), and he was packed with his hind legs, Blow it. Don't take it next to (skinny cows). If you're overpowering, this is it. Hegemony is everything. "

Mr Park told President Moon directly that he was not a fraudster. Will it be the general election variant next year?

Not Variable. I look at the Supreme Court decision before the election and pardon Moon. We (the Korean party) are also saying to pardon Park Geun-hee. I insisted on impeachment, I never arrested Park Gyun-hee. Violation of the constitution is what Joey soon did with national agriculture. Former President Park Geun-hee is not denied because it is deficient. "
Pardoning the Park is actually a political bomb. There are many analyzes of the negative factors in the conservative integration of the opposition. But whether it is a variable for good or for reunification, it is difficult to oppose pardon if you belong to the Korean party. The party of the new party of the right party is also different. Different attitudes at the impeachment stage can cause new controversy in the integration process. Kim's words contained such complex thoughts and worries. Will Moon take out his pardon card? By Kang Min-Sec, a staff journalist

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