Thursday , September 24 2020

Kim Jo-Young's 'Accusation of Humanity for Sexual Harassment' I'll Never Surprise You


SBS Radio Power FM "Hwa Jung Jung Power Time" Visible radio capture

Music actress Kim Jo-young accused of sexual harassment revealed her feelings.

On the 18th, SBS Radio Power FM's Power Time FM, Joey Jwa-ongong, had Kim Jo-young and singer Jan He-unun, guest on corner "7". Joey Yu-jung said: "Kim Yu-young has suffered in the past week and seems to keep his promises to listeners."

Earlier, Kim Joo Young had been accused of sexually abusing Mr. A. Since then, he has been part of the official schedule through Joey Patta.

Kim Jo-young said: "Joe, Joey Patta, PD, writer, (Joey) Jva-yung and family and friendly to the listener." He opened the door.
"There are a lot of people who want to talk cold like my personality, but I have no choice but to save the words." But "I'll never let you down." Then he went to the corner with Joey Xia-ongong and Jan Fe-Jun. Kim Jo-Young's agency, on the other hand, strongly opposed the accusation, but the accusation is incorrect.

Then, A again apologized, revealing the texts and mobile messengers he shared with Kim Ho Young through a media interview. Kim Ho-young's agency is yet to adopt an official position on text messaging and mobile messaging.

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