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Jung-onun and Kim Fu-chi really make friends

Talent Jeong Yeon (40) and Kim Yu-Chi (27) are in love.

According to 18th TV Kosun, Jeong Yeong-unun and Kim Yu-jii have developed a real love affair through the entertaining product "Third: The Taste of Dying". The two were recently photographed in a shopping center in Hanam, Yeeonggi-do. Jung onun was not aware of the surroundings, such as kissing after hugging Kim.

The two made a connection with "Taste of Love 3", which first aired on the 24th of last month. Two talented actresses Lee Pil-mo (45), interior designer Seo Soo-ion (34) and Season 2 actress Oh Young-suk (37) and model teacher Lee Ja-eun (24).

Jung Ounun, a child, debuted in 1991 as the play “ Hook Man` '' Pubertet '(1993 ~ 1996)' Bathing Men '(1995 ~ 1996)' Tasty Proposal '(2001)' Parent Letters' ”(2004 ~ 2005)“ Thousands of Days of Promise ”(2011) She appeared in` `Running Roses“ (2014 ~ 2015).

Kim Fu-Chi made her debut with the 2017 drama "Kim Bok Oooo" and made her face in 'Molo Colic' that year.

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